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<Photo Report on N.Korea> Starving People’s Army: Mother Concerns Conscripted Son

Emaciated soldier gleans corn grains which he stole at a corn field. (ASIA PRESS)

Emaciated soldier gleans corn grains which he stole at a corn field. (ASIA PRESS)


A South Korean colleague’s two sons joined the military. The period of service is two years. On looking the pictures taken at the time of visiting their sons in the military, the parents seem to be far more delighted than their sons, because the family never has been separated for such a long time.

What about North Korea? The son of our reporting partner in Northern area, Choi Ok (false name), join the military two years ago. Right after graduated from a high school, he joined the military at the age of 17 and was assigned to a troop stationed close to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in North Hwanghae Province.

She visited her son in the military as she concerned him. Tension surrounding the Korean Peninsula builds up as Kim Jong-un regime repeats nuclear bomb test and rocket launching. However, what really concerns her is not the outbreak of war. She is nervous about it whether her son may be starving at the military.

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◆ Widespread malnutrition in People’s Army since 1980s

Mrs. Choi said “I am not sure whether I can see him, but I ask them to deliver cash (to my son). It would be a big problem if I don’t do that.” It is not unusual to see young people to be crippled because of malnutrition after they joined the military.

It is known that the People’s Army of North Korea has more than 1 million members. It is 5 percentage of its whole population, which is equivalent to 6.5 million people if it were Japan. It was late 80s since the malnutrition in the military has become widespread. The government could not afford to feed such a huge military force due to worsening economic ability. In addition to the absolute shortage of food supply by the government, corrupt officers in the military embezzled supplies. As a result, malnutrition among low rank soldiers became prevalent.
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ASIA PRESS has investigated the food situation of the People’s Army during the last 8 years with reporting partners in North Korea. While there are troops with sufficient food supply, a large number of troops provide their soldiers with a handful of corn grains, dozens of thumb sized potatoes and salt soup for a meal. Even a noncommissioned officer replied that half of the soldiers in his troop suffered from malnutrition.

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