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<Inside N.Korea> DPRK high-ranking state officials ordered to attend seminar against escaping the country: frequent escapes concern Kim regime

It has been revealed that the North Korean State Security Department – the DPRK secret police, ordered high-ranking officials to attend a seminar warning them about citizens working overseas defecting. Asia Press reporting partner reported on this seminar.

The seminar focused on North Korean defectors struggling in South Korea. The government organized this seminar because the Kim Jong-un regime is feeling the pressure from frequent defections of its people sent abroad for work. (Kang Ji-won)

Meeting for political study by Worker’s Party at a local town. It was for demanding loyalty to kim Jong-un. Taken in the summer of 2013 by ASIAPRESS

Meeting for political study by Worker’s Party at a local town. It was for demanding loyalty to kim Jong-un. Taken in the summer of 2013 by ASIAPRESS


The seminar was held in early June. The National Security Agency ordered high-ranking government workers and Worker’s Party officials to attend. The ASIA PRESS reporting partner collected detailed information from seminar participants. The seminar speaker told participants that defectors face discrimination and misery after going to South Korea. Our reporting partner explained that such seminars are frequently held for ordinary people, but previously not for high-ranking officials.
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The following is a summary of the seminar.

1.On the matter of resettlement funding for defectors from North Korea in the South:

Brokers, under the control of the National Intelligence Services of South Korea , help people to escape and then steal money from their petty resettlement funds. Although the South Korea government appears generous in offering resettlement funds, as the brokers work for the government, the government is actually stealing money from defectors.


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