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Rimjin-gang: The first-ever independent publication in the world reported directly by people of North Korea. Compiled by ASIAPRESS International. [Release Note]
  Coverage - Map DPRK
  [NEW] Annual Compost Collection Mobilization Frustrates Population - Battle For Livestock and Human Manure - The composts are made from animal and human manure, mixed with rice straw and dried plant matter. Workers have an assigned quota for the production of this compost....

  "Punishment by Law, or Eliminated by Commandment":
Two Types of Political Prisoner in North Korea
- Kwanliso is an extralegal shadowy
facility Public concern regarding the condition of human rights in North Korea has been increasing since the United Nationfs Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the DPRK released their final report....

Rimjin-gang's Editor, Ishimaru Jiro, speech at the Korea Society "Inside North Korea" Watch on YouTube video(32min)
English / 한국어

Possible Further Executions Related to Jang Song-thaek Carried Out - Three persons - including the husband of Jang's niece, and two actresses are said to have been executed -

  More Kotchebi Homeless Children Under the Kim Jong-un Regime A boy who purportedly lost both of his legs in an accident was sitting on filthy ground near the entrance of a marketplace. He was dragging his body with his arms and begging from passersby....

Kim Jong-un's Starving Soldiers - "Just a spoonful of oil for me..." A soldier pleads for grace
In August 2013, our reporting partner approached a soldier to ask about food conditions in the army. The soldier said he was serving in the engineering battalion in Pyongyang, as a sapper. It is painful to see his thin neck and baggy uniform,..

2014/Jan/14 (USA)

"Secret State of North Korea"
Explore Life Under Kim Jong-un (WGBH)
Tuesday, January 14, at 10 p.m. on PBS.
The program also features Rimjin-gang's undercover report inside North Korea.

"Jang Song-thaek Was Human Scum" - Massive Campaign by the North Korean Authorities North Korean state authorities have been continuing a massive campaign to familiarize "Jang's crime" to the public...


Stimulant Drugs Take Root in the Daily Lives of the North Korean People (PART1)
Pressure from China Makes North Korean Authorities Take Action in Earnest at Last...

    Mass Starvations Occurred in the Breadbasket [pdf]
Tens of Thousands May Be Dead
--- Also Reports of Cannibalism
A serious situation arose in the Hwanghae Provinces in the southwestern part of North Korea from the beginning of 2012.

  <Photo Report> - 7
Pyongyang - People's Life inside the Showcase City
- Traffic Policewomen Relentlessly Pursue Bicycle Riders to Keep the Capital Tidy A policewoman issues a man a traffic ticket. Many citizens who do not want to pay ...

"I Want to Keep Reporting Till the Moment I Die"
A message from Gu Gwang-ho, North Korean Reporter Gu is currently living in Pyongyang, and continues his undercover reporting...

Rimjin-gang iPad App Launched
ASIAPRESS would like to announce the release for the "iPad edition" of the Rimjin-gang News from inside North Korea (the first English Edition). Thiswill be the first-ever iPad App on North Korea that all reports made by North Koreans inside the DPRK!

  Rimjin-gang Digital Archives
Reports [
PDF download
* IT and cellphone situation in DPRK
* Starving People's Army Soldiers

  Why is there a Food Shortage Crisis in the Breadbasket Region of Hwanghae? (PART3)
TLet us continue the analysis of the causes of the food shortage in Hwanghae from last time. The reason people are starving to death in...

  <Photo Report 5> Malnutrition Rampant Among The Peoplefs Army
In a small square near the market, a group of around ten young men, all soldiers, are sitting; all look seriously debilitated. Their cheeks are sunken; arms, legs and...

A 23 year-old homeless woman found dead
This 23 year-old homeless woman was found dead in a corn field in October, 2010. She died of starvation. Reporter Kim Dong-cheol tells us that gthe number of homeless and suicides have greatly increasedh ... ... more >>

  YouTube/Rimjin-gang - LEE Jun Story
  "At the moment, Ifm alone. But maybe my actions will cause a spark that will lead to change in North Korea..."
Link to Rimjin-gang/YouTube >>

Hardcover Edition 495 Pages
with more than 180 photos(B&W) SIZE:
9.1X6.1X1 inch
ISBN 978-4-904399-05-7
      ASIAPRESS Publishing
  The Making of Rimjin-gang
  In producing the first-ever independent publication in the world written directly by people of North Korea, our editing team has put a lot of thought into how to express to the world the lives and the thoughts of average North Korean citizens, along with the reality of their hardships. Read more >>  
  About Our Team - ASIAPRESS and Rimjin-gang
  Based on our successful reporting in North Korea, in 2007 ASIAPRESS began publishing a magazine entitled gNews from Inside North Korea "Rimjin-gangh in Korean and Japanese.
  Profiles of Our North Korean Journalists
PROFILES of North Korean jornalists and reporters; Inside DPRK,the most isolated country in the world, North Koreans cover the stories risking their lives....
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  North Korean journalist, Lee Jun Story
"I want everyone to see a true picture of our peoplefs real, unvarnished lives "
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  The launch of Rimjin-gang -
Media Reviews
"Emergence of journalists in DPRK - Remarkable steps for people of North Korea and journalism of the world"
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Reporter bringen die Welt nach Nordkorea
Rimjin-gang Chief Editor, Jiro ISHIMARU speaks at the Korea Society -New York (05:30 PM)
  2014/Jan/15 (USA)
Stunning new footage of defiance emerges from North Korea
  2014/Jan/14 (USA)
Huffington Post
"The footage that Kim Jong-Un doesn't want you to see"

(James Jones)
2014/Jan/14 (USA)
Glimpses of a North Korea Seldom Seen in the West
(TV review)
2014/Jan/14 (USA)
Undercover reporters reveal what life is really like inside secretive North Korea
2014/Jan/14 (USA)
" Secret State of North Korea"
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Speaker: ISHIMARU Jiro(Rimjin-gang) >>
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Kim Jong Un amenaza al mundo mientras ya hay familias que se comen entre ellas por hambre>>
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6th Issue Released
>> (Japanese)
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Foodshortge:Kim Dong-cheol reports(TV Asahi)
"N Korean children begging, army starving"
by Mark Willacy
ABC(Australia) >>
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" Pyongyang Spring"
by Sebastioan Strangio>>
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Hunger in North Korea
Let them eat maize husks
"North Korea's Pleas For Food Aid Draw Suspicion"
by Louisa Lim(USA) >>
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  2010/November/15 "North Korea's Citizen journalism"/Joanna Chiu/The Nation(USA) >>
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Undercover North magazine now in English
/The Japan Times (Japan) >>
"A Free Press Stirs in North Korea" Wall Street Journal(USA) >>>
  USA 2010/Oct/18- Conference and photo exhibition in New York with University of New York >>
  [RELEASE] 2010/October/15 Rimjin-gang English Edition First Issue Released >>
  [TV](Japan) 2010/Aug/17 "Redenomination Fall Down"/Rimjin-gang(Houdou-Station/TV Asahi)
  Photo exhibition(Tokyo/Japan)
Daily images of DPRK - Chang Jeong-gil 2009/April/9
  Washington Post runs Rimjin-gang: Part of Chang Jeong-gil story >>>
  [TV](Japan) 2009/Jan/25 Pyongyang Backstreet"/Rimjin-gang (Sunday-Project/TV Asahi)
  [TV](Japan) 2009/Jan/08 "Behind the economic reform- Rimjin-gang reports"(Houdou-station/TV Asahi)
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