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Rimjin-gang: The first-ever independent publication in the world reported directly by people of North Korea. Compiled by ASIAPRESS International. [Release Note]
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   Profiles of Our North Korean Reporters
    (All the names our staff in North Korea are noms de plume.)

North Korean reporters:

Gu Gwang-ho
Gu Gwang-ho is in his thirties and lives in Pyongyang. He started his journalistic activities in 2011 after having training several times as a reporter by ASIAPRESS North Korea Reporting Team. He has made series of reportings in Pyongyang and South Pyongan Province successfully so far.His remarkable video report on starving People's Army soldier in 2011 was aired by many TV stations over the world.

Shin Do-seuk
Shin Do-seuk is in his thirties and resides in South Hamkyung Province. After served 10 years in military near the area of military demarcation line, he begun to work at secretary in the factory.

Choi Gyeong-ok
Choi is in her thirties and lives in a town of Ryanggang Province.She has been involved in the team for developing the local contacts and reporters' coordination since 2011. She has a good knowledge of IT and PCs.

Kim Dong-cheol
Kim is in his thirties and lives in the northern region of North Korea. He started his journalistic activities in 2009 while working as a company driver.

Lee Song-hui
Lee is in her forties and resides in the central part of the country. She has successfully carried out two video reports from inside Pyongyang.

Paek Hyang
Paek, a mother of two in her forties, lives in the northern part of North Korea. She began her work as a journalist in 2005 after meeting Ishimaru during a brief border crossing into China. She says she wants to show the outside world North Korean society from a womanfs perspective.

Shim Ui-chun
Shim is a man in his thirties living in central North Korea. His 2008 report on the Hwanghae region became a global scoop.

Chang Jeong-gil

Chang, in his forties, lives in the central party of the country. He works as a laborer at a worksite involved in machinery. He enjoys photography and hopes to become a photojournalist.

Lee Jun
Lee Jun is in his thirties and resides in central North Korea. He used to be a laborer at a machine factory. In 1999 during the mass famine of the gMarch of Tribulation,h he crossed the border into China with his family. While living as a vagrant in China, he ran into Ishimaru who was making a report at the time. It was then that he decided to return to North Korea as a journalist to show the world the true situation there. He has been recording video within the country since 2004.

Kae Myung-bin
Kae is currently an economic official in North Korea in his forties. He has worked for many years in operations at a large company and is a Rimjin-gang collaborator.

Ryu Kyung-won
Ryu, in his forties, previously worked at a trading organization in Pyongan Province. After serving in the military and graduating from Pyongyang Agricultural University, he worked for a while as an agricultural science researcher.
He then became a laborer for a foreign currency procurement company, where he was also a trade supervisor. He often went to China for this job. In 2003 Ryu escaped from North Korea.

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A shadow of Shim Ui-chun. He covers stories with hidden video camera.

Chang Jeong-gil explains details of the photographs he secretly took with digital camera inside North Korea.(October 2008)

Lee Jun made series of reports travelling across the country.

Ishimaru interviews Kim Dong-cheol.
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