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Rimjin-gang: The first-ever independent publication in the world reported directly by people of North Korea. Compiled by ASIAPRESS International. [Release Note]
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  Interview with a Trader from Pyongyang (PART2) - Series of firing squad executions - example punishment for Chinese residents? The charges were spying, narcotic trafficking, selling of impure recordings and some others. Five charges were listed in total. So it was serious one. The execution wasnft in front of the public....


  Interview with a Trader from Pyongyang (PART1) - Strong Restrictions Imposed - No Drinking, No Karaoke - The measures for quarantining suspected Ebola patients are very heavy. In many places traffic systems have also been shut down [by the authorities]. The authorities are reluctant to issue traffic permission (travel certificate documentation) for going to other regions....  

  North Korean Drug Trade Spreads to Ordinary Citizens (PART2)
Heavy crackdowns fall on South Korean dramas but on drugs -
At the end of July, the local exchange rate for Chinese 100RMB was 120,000 NK won. In the same period, the price of 1 kg of rice was around 6,000 NK won....

  North Korean Drug Trade Spreads to Ordinary Citizens (PART1)
The rapid spread of stimulant drugs in North Korea is becoming a serious social problem in the reclusive state. The problem has reached the point where even police officers and members of the state security department are involved in both the dealing and use of illegal narcotics....

  Price of Rice in North Korea Soars as Rural Dwellers Prepare for Winter As of this spring, the price of white rice that previously sat at 4,000 - 5,000 North Korean won per 1kg, shot up nationally to 6,000 won, in July. This led to concern among ordinary citizens, only abating when the price started to stabilize around 6,000 won just before the autumn harvest season.....


Possible Firing Squad Executions Punish Violators of "Kim Jong-un's Instructions" - In early October, 12 ranking officials of the KWP were allegedly executed in Pyongyang - "The reason for the executions are said to have been down to 'neglect on the job' during projects assigned by Kim Jong-un. Additionally, the condemned were further accused of forming a secret organization.".....


  Kim Il-sung Portraits replaced by "Kim Il-sung - Kim Jong-il" Duo - Apotheosis of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il to justify power succession - In North Korea, since the beginning of Kim Jong-un regime at the end of 2011, the state has embarked on a nationwide campaign for the idolization of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il....  

  Kim Il-sungfs Image Gone from New North Korean 5,000 won Bill
-Introduction of new bill leads to confusion
- The North Korean government recently renewed the 5,000 won bill, the highest denomination in the country, with circulation beginning on August 1st. An announcement was put out for citizens to exchange their old bills, with the government giving until 2017 for people to hand in their old notes....

Korean People's Army Extends 10 Year Service Term To 11 Years
It has been confirmed that, as of September 2014, the North Korean state has extended the term of compulsory military service. Until now the term of service was set at 10 years for males and 6 years for females, according to our reporting partner in North Korea, males must now serve 11 years and females 7...


  Falling Birth Rate and Draft Dodging Erode North Korean Military - "Starved Generation" reach age of military enlistment
The North Korean military is currently struggling to meet their enlistment targets due to difficulties in recruiting new recruits. This is a result of a decrease in the number of new middle school graduates....

  Growing Illegal Housing Market in North Korea
- The majority of all houses are state property, belonging to the social collective unit. As such, selling, renting, and collecting any kind of financial reward on such properties is forbidden. However, in recent years, the state is no longer able to supply houses to fill the peoplefs demands....


  <PHOTO REPORT>Sino - North Korea Border: PART2
China Frustrated With Drug Smuggling From North Korea
Border security controls are being tightened on both sides of the river. On the Chinese side, the installation of a wire fence was completed several years ago....


  <PHOTO REPORT>Sino - North Korea Border: PART1
Things Still Tense in Border River Area After Purge of Jang Song-thaek
The Reporting Team has confirmed significant changes since our April report, including the installation of border guard watch-houses and a wire fence under way in the area, along the North Korean side of the Amrok-gang...


  "Punishment by Law, or Eliminated by Commandment":
Two Types of Political Prisoner in North Korea
- Kwanliso is an extralegal shadowy facility
Public concern regarding the condition of human rights in North Korea has been increasing since the United Nationfs Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the DPRK released their final report....


  Attempted Bombing Of Kim Jong-suk Statue in Hoeryong - City on high alert, although still unclear who is responsible for attack - Our North Korean reporting partner explained that there was an attempt to blow up the statue of Kim Jong-suk, grandmother of Kim Jong-un, last week....


  The Truth Behind North Korea's Military Parades - Participation in public marches is used to gauge citizens' loyalty to the leadership - When students are enlisted to become parade participants, this obligation becomes the foremost priority in their lives, and previous work or study commitments are left on....


  Highly Favored, But Hard to Procure, Pork a Rare Treat in North Korea - North Koreans purchasing pork at markets to compensate for rare state distribution -Pork in particular, packed with vital fat and protein, which the majority of North Korean people chronically lack, is highly favored as a cheap and nutritious food....

Truancy Increases In Northern Regions As Schools Demand More Money From Parents - The launching of the 12 years compulsory education system seems like a step in the right direction, but it has left parents in North Korea far from pleased - State authorities announced this reform as, "a vital measure which is a compilation of Comrade Kim Jong-un's sublime perspective for the fatherland....



  Farmers Starve in North Korea - Excessive Seizure of Rice For The Military Exacerbates The Rural Food Shortage - First Secretary Kim Jong-un announced in his 2014 New Year Address that agriculture should be one of the most important agenda for the country. "This year we should keep up agriculture as a major thrust of our effort in the struggle for.....


  <PHOTO REPORT>Sino - North Korea Border <PART3>
Tensions High In The Border City As A Special Team is Dispatched For Crackdowns"
At the beginning of this year, a special team was dispatched from Pyongyang, tasked to suppress the smuggling and defections carrying on in the area. Currently, Hyesan is under tight security control...

.<PHOTO REPORT>Sino - North Korea Border <PART2>
A Sign of Late Spring In the Border Town of Hyesan
- Hyesan is a northern border city of North Korea, and the capital of Ryanggang Province. In this part of North Korea the temperature can drop to -30C (= -22F) in midwinter....



  <PHOTO REPORT>Sino - North Korea Border <PART1>
Wire Fence Installed Upstream on the Amrok-gang (Yalu River)
- The Chinese authorities recently installed a wire fence alongside of the river. Its purpose is to prevent smuggling and the defection of North Koreans across the border....


University Students Are Bored With Formal Uniforms
- Women Wearing Shorter Skirts As A Sign of "Rebellion"
- North Korean university students are obliged to wear a school uniform, this consists of a white shirt, necktie and suit for men and a two-piece suit or Korean traditional chima jeogori, for women....


  Possible Further Executions Related to Jang Song-thaek Carried Out Three persons - including the husband of Jang's niece, and two actresses are said to have been executed - Our reporting partner reports that news on the execution of Choi Un-cheol, former-movie actor and husband of Jang Song-thaekfs niece, and two actresses, Kim Hae-gyong and Park Mi-hyang, has people abuzz....


  The Handcart Porter Is Now an Indispensable Business -
Handcart porters call themselves "a tailless ox"
In North Korea, where private car and truck ownership is beyond the reach of ordinary citizens, and fuel is a precious commodity, the handcart is a considered a basic necessity for everyday life....


  The Changing Face of the Tuman-gang (Tumen River) - PART 2
- Transportation of Iron Ore from North Korea Underway Import of North Korean Iron-ore is picking up speed
- In Nanpingzhen, Helong City, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, China, the construction of a railway, started in 2009, has been completed and is now fully operational. The railway was built for the transportation of iron ore mined from Musan mine....


The Changing Face of the Tuman-gang (Tumen River) - PART 1
- Wire Fence Installed Along The Entire Borderline
ASIAPRESS North Korea Reporting Team has carried out intensive coverage across the Sino-North Korean border from the Chinese side. The installation of the barbed wire fence, which the Chinese authorities have been forging ahead with, is....


  Peddlers Carrying the Future of North Korea on Their Backs
We can no longer rely on the state system."
This is the message at the heart of knowledge acquired by North Korean citizens through experiencing the collapse of the state-planned economy in the 1990s. ....


  Secondhand Bookstalls Still Active in North Korea - Books are a source of information for the people - It is common for North Korean people to procure their required goods at the marketplace, using money. Books are no exception. Not only "domestic publications", such as school texts, reference books, or dictionaries, but also so-called "impure publications", .....


  Polling Stations Under 24 Hour Surveillance As The Station's Notice Boards Vandalised - March election that sees Kim Jong-un stand for the first time - Heavy security measures are being put in place all over the country in the lead up to North Korea's general elections. The elections, planned for Sunday, 9th March, are for the thirteenth stage of the Supreme People's Assembly (SPA)....   


  Arrest, Displacement and Suicide - The Purge of Jang's Affiliated Cadres Continues Compassionate voices for Jang Song-thaek and criticism towards Kim Jong-un rises among the North Korean people Information disseminated from Pyongyang at the end of last year reported that a ranked official who was associated with Jang committed suicide by jumping from his balcony when his apartment was raided...


  "Artificial Meat" - A Vital Source of Protein For the People
"Military First Squid" has become a staple since the gArduous Marchh in the mid-1990s.
What are some of the common foods available for ordinary North Koreans? One of the most well known is a kind of artificial meat known as injokogi....


Is Mickey Mouse Becoming Popular in North Korea?
Mickey Mouse were once considered a symbol of "imperialism."

The First Secretary Kim Jong-un attended the performance of the all-female music group, Moranbong Band in Pyongyang in June, 2012. The stage was set with a ....


Cows are the Property of the State - Severe Punishment For Unauthorized Slaughtering Oxcarts can be seen everywhere in North Korea. It is one of the most important means of transportation in the country, next to bicycles. Trucks and cars, as a form of private transport, are not common for the majority of people....



People Struggle To Collect Firewood for Winter
For the North Korean people, winter is the hardest season. Not only because it is glacial and long, but also because many people are faced with a lack of fuel for the basic needs of cooking and heating....



More Kotchebi Homeless Children Under the Kim Jong-un Regime
A boy who purportedly lost both of his legs in an accident was sitting on filthy ground near the entrance of a marketplace. He was dragging his body with his arms and begging from passersby....


  Compulsory Collection of Harvest for Military Supply - Farmersf Discontent Growing The coming of the harvest season in North Korea does not seem to bring much joy for farmers since the allocation of food supplies, distributed as compensation for labor, is coming up short of the prescribed amount this year....


  North Korean Authorities Distribute Jang Song-thaek "Purge List" to Local Officials Throughout North Korea, a large-scale liquidation connected to the former Vice Chairman of the National Defense Commission, Jang Song-thaek, continues unabated. It has been confirmed that the section-chief of the administrative division in....


  Kim Jong-un's Starving Soldiers - "Just a spoonful of oil for me..." A soldier pleads for grace In August 2013, our reporting partner approached a soldier to ask about food conditions in the army. The soldier said he was serving in the engineering battalion in Pyongyang, as a sapper. It is painful to see his thin neck and baggy uniform....


  "Our Life in Pyongyang Is Not So Easy As You Imagine" -
Even in the highest quality apartments in Pyongyang running water is irregular and unreliable
Most of the foreign tourists who visit Pyongyang will be overwhelmed by the cluster of tall-apartment buildings, systematically constructed....

  Massive "Censorship Unit" Dispatched to Border Town
- Presumably To Prevent Escapes Related to the Jang Song-thaek Purge

Tension near the Chinese border area continues to increase in the new year. We have received information that large scale crackdowns by the state are taking place in the northern city of Hyesan... (by PAEK Chang-ryong)


Heavy Restrictions Continues - People's Discontent Pervades
"The state's restrictions on the people are ever-increasing. Everyone is fed up with these circumstances because they can not make a living in this situation.....


Kim Jong-un's Birthday Not Marked on the 2014 Calendar
On the 2014 calendar, which features prominent North Korean screen actors, the date of Kim Jong-un's birthday is left blank. This means the North Korean state does not recognize this day as a national holiday....


  "Jang Song-thaek Was Human Scum" - Massive Campaign by the North Korean Authorities Since the purge of Jang Song-thaek, former vice chairman of the National Defense Commission, North Korean state authorities have been continuing a massive campaign to familiarize "Jang's crime" to the public...


"Execution Was Not Right" - Peoplefs Reaction on the Purge of Jang Song-thaek
The sudden purge of the vice chairman of the National Defense Commission, Jang Song-thaek casts a long shadow of fear and uncertainty over the people. According to our reporting partner in North Korea, feelings of aversion against the Kim Jong-un


  The Execution of Police Officers in November, Pyongyang -
Possibly a Proactive Step towards the Purge of Jang Song-thaek

The purge of Jang Song-thaek has ended with his execution by firing squad. ASIAPRESS North Korea Reporting team received information by our reporting partner in North Korea that dozens of safety officers (police) were executed at the end of November...


  The Purge of Jang Song-thaek - "Self-Criticism" Campaign
Through a phone interview with our North Korean reporting partner, it was discovered that North Korean state authorities have commanded all citizens to recall pictures taken with Jang Song-thaek and to write and submit a document of self-criticism entitled 'a composition of reflection' ...


  Rumors of Jang Song-thaekfs "fall" already spread in North Korea
After the South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) announced that the North Korean National Defense Commissionfs vice chairman Jang Song-thaek had been dismissed from his position and two of his close aides were publicly executed by firing squad, the news made headlines throughout the world...


The Spread of "Impure Recordings" Lead to Executions in Hyesan and Chongjin City
In early November a reporting partner living in North Hamkyung Province reported by telephone that in North Koreafs third largest city, Chongjin city, three people were executed in connection with the spread of such illicit materials...


  The Firing Squad Executions of North Korean Entertainers - North Korean State's Crackdown on "Political Videos" (PART2)
From August the storm of the crackdowns on so-called 'impure materials' has swept across North Korea within the inerior of the state apparatus.
Beginning in Pyongyang with the firing squad execution of the entertainment group,.....

The Firing Squad Executions of North Korean Entertainers - North Korean State's Crackdown on "Political Videos" (PART1)
News of The Firing Squad Execution case of North Korean entertainers, which took place in Pyongyang this august, spread around the world. This incident was initially introduced as a sex scandal involving Pyongyang entertainers

Stimulant Drugs Take Root in the Daily Lives of the North Korean People (PART5) Pressure from China Makes North Korean Authorities Take Action in Earnest at Last In February 2011, there was an unusual article in the North Korean state-run Korean Central News Agency(KCNA) that said, "Last year, the Chinafs Ministry of Public Security investigated and dealt...


Stimulant Drugs Take Root in the Daily Lives of the North Korean People (PART4) Fertile Ground for Widespread Use of Stimulants in Society -- Selling Stimulants Is a Lucrative Business Choi explained the background to the price hike as follows. "The raw material Phenylacetic acid is harder to obtain, and there are frequent crackdowns, which has had an impact...


Stimulant Drugs Take Root in the Daily Lives of the North Korean People (PART3) The History of Drug Production and Distribution -- From opium to "eoleum" Widespread use of drugs in North Korea is related to the production and illicit trade of opium, promoted by the government in the 1980fs. General Secretary Kim Jong-il (at the time) led the way in starting the Paektoraji Movement...


  Stimulant Drugs Take Root in the Daily Lives of the North Korean People (PART2) Drugs Rampant Across the Nation - People Alleviating their Stress using "eoleum"
The drugs being sold in North Korea are referred to as eoleum (which means "ice"). This slang name refers to a stimulant drug --- the chemical compound methamphetamine..



  Stimulant Drugs Take Root in the Daily Lives of the North Korean People (PART1) Drugs Widely Used Among the People, From Senior Officials to the Ordinary People We had been hearing for some time about rampant illicit trafficking of drugs in North Korea and increasing number of addicts. But we had never before heard of someone taking the grave risk of ...


  Program for the Legitimization of Kim Jong-un Regime - "Ten Great Principles" revised for first time in 39 years - In North Korea, the "Ten Great Principles for the establishment of a monolithic thought system of the KWP" was previously considered as the supreme guiding principles of the whole state....


  Korean Workers' Party Imposes Tough Measures to Maintain Discipline - State accelerates social mobilization for loyalty to Kim Jong-un
The Korean Workersf Party (KWP) has been pushing a renewal of the party membership card since the end of August. This initiative is slated to come to an end by October 10, the anniversary day of the founding of the KWP....


  North Korean State Demands Unconditional Loyalty To Kim Jong-un - The North Korean state is currently compelling people to undertake self-criticism and submit 'a composition of reflection' to express loyalty to the leadership. This self-criticism is demanded of all citizens as a review of their loyalty to the Leader and the Korean Workers' Party....


  Revision of Task and Treatment for Police Officers Launched - The State Increases Its Control Over People
Our reporting partner explained the details of the instructions:
"At the meeting, the official gave the following instructions. A new department will be established at the police stations of each province, city and county....

  United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the DPRK
SpeakerF ISHIMARU Jiro, Editor in Chief "Rimjin-gang"
The Food Situation in the DPRK and Violations of the Rights to Food
29 Aug 2013 - Tokyo VIDEO @UN webTV


Living in Pyongyang - The Real Story (3)
Pyongyang City Shrinking

Reporter GU: Let me tell you a true story. Two female university students were talking about a "strong and prosperous nation" on the subway. One said, "With things as they are today, will we really become a strong and prosperous nation


  Living in Pyongyang - The Real Story (2)
Losing the Struggle to Survive Leads to Suicides and Homeless People

Even in Pyongyang, there are suicides by people who lose the struggle to survive. They have no means of making a living. Once you run out of money, you sell


  Living in Pyongyang - The Real Story (1)
Capital City that Is Always "Prepared and Ready"

In Pyongyang, April 2012 is a milestone for building a "Strong and Prosperous Nation". Large-scale urban redevelopment projects are moving forward in the central city areas. Even amid the ongoing economic turmoil, the authorities plan to ...


  <Photo Report> - 8 (b)
The Best Department Store in Pyongyang -
But the Products on the Shelves are Not for Sale (2)

The mechanism is as follows. Those who have gexchange couponsh given out by the government are allowed to buy brands sold at government-designated prices,. But those...


<Photo Report> - 8 (a)
The Best Department Store in Pyongyang -
But the Products on the Shelves are Not for Sale (1)

Everyone in Korea knows the Pyongyang Department Store No. 1. Itfs the number one state-owned department store with the longest and most distinguished history....


  <Photo Report> - 7
Pyongyang - People's Life inside the Showcase City
Traffic Policewomen Relentlessly Pursue Bicycle Riders to Keep the Capital Tidy
A policewoman issues a man a traffic ticket. Many citizens who do not want to pay for a ticket try to bribe...


<Photo Report> - 6 (b) + video
gStrong and Prosperous Nationh - The State Project to Build 100,000 Apartments in Pyongyang for the 100th Aanniversary of The Birth of Kim Il-sung
This was a high-rise apartment block, and yet it was being built as a rush job..


<Photo Report> - 6 (a)
The Governmentfs Command is for a gStrong and Prosperous Nationh -- but Workers Tired Out at Pyongyang Construction Sites to Build 100,000 Apartments
In the capital city Pyongyang, a fully-fledged construction boom has been in place...


  Kim Jong-unfs Reputation Suffers as It Becomes Harder to Make Ends Meet
Putting on a Show to Enhance Authority with the Military Writing the Script Has the Side Effect of Leaving a Bad Impression on the Global Community
When the people evaluate a statesman, which criteria is most important? ....



To Be Honest, the People of North Korea Couldnft Care Less
Rumours that gOne Rocket Launch is Worth Three Years of Foodh --- Kim Jong-unfs Reputation Remains Poor
On the evening of February 12th, after Kim Jong-un forcibly went forward with his nuclear test, I managed to get


Mass Starvations Occurring in the Breadbasket [pdf]
Report on the Famine in the Hwanghae Provinces and the Food Situation 2012
We have compiled an emergency report for international organizations, humanitarian relief organizations and media....


  "I Want to Keep Reporting Till the Moment I Die"
Message from Gu Gwang-ho, Reporter [Rimjin-gang]
The people of North Korea cannot see, nor can they hear. They do not really know what is going on in the rest of the world, ...

  [Rimjin-gang PDF Archive]
Report on Starving Korean People's Army
- Why is the Korean People's Army starving?
Digital and IT Conditions in North Korea
- Prospects for digital and IT consumption to change North Korean society
The Domestic Attitudes towards the Nuclear Test, 2006
gDear General Has Hidden Allh


  <North Korea Crisis> Why is there a Food Shortage Crisis
in the Breadbasket Region of Hwanghae? (PART3)

Farming Villagesf Crops Taken by the Government

The Food Shortage is a Man-made Disaster
Let us continue the analysis of the causes of the food shortage in Hwanghae...


  <North Korea Crisis> Why is there a Food Shortage Crisis
in the Breadbasket Region of Hwanghae? (PART2)

Farming Villagesf Crops Taken by the Government

How Farmersf Crops are Taken
There are multiple causes of the current food shortage crisis in North Koreafs ...

  <North Korea Crisis> Why is there a Food Shortage Crisis
in the Breadbasket Region of Hwanghae? (PART1)

Possible reasons other than a simple food shortage

Farmers are starving to death: an interview with a local resident
Now, in southwestern North Korea, residents of the Hwanghae region are...



  Discontent Over Special Rations and Criticism Towards Wasted Expenditures on the Launch
Festivities marking the 100 year anniversary of Kim Il-sungfs birth were held on April 15 all around North Korea. However, discontent was expressed towards the meager contents of the gspecial rationsh that were distributed by the government...

  [Feature] Citizen journalists work undercover in North Korea to show daily life [interview + video] (external link)
Investigative Reporting Workshop(American University School of Communication) introduces Rimjin-gang[ASIAPRESS] activities on North Korea. Sotries with interview and video


  Cold Response from Residents to Chairman Kim Jong-ilfs Death ?
Steep Jump in Food Prices

" (We) donft care that he died.h - A markedly difference response than that at Kim Il-Sungfs death in 1994. Sources from inside North Korea report that residents of North Korea reacted coldly to the news of Kim Jong-ilfs death...

<Photo Report 5> Malnutrition Rampant Among The Peoplefs Army
In a small square near the market, a group of around ten young men, all soldiers, are sitting; all look seriously debilitated. Their cheeks are sunken; arms, legs and trunk shapes are obviously skinny...


<Photo Report 4> Inspection At The Metro Station Entrance(Pyongyang)
Soldiers standing at the entrance checkpoint are the military police of the Peoplefs Army. Whenever they find a person with a shabby appearance, wearing a backpack or carrying a large piece of luggage, they stop them at the entrance of the station to prevent them...


  <Photo Report 3> Widening Gaps (Pyongyang)
Our countryfs TV news often shows a gap between the rich and the poor in the capitalist countries, lashing out with militant slogans, and always ends up in defending the superiority of socialism....

  <Photo Report 2> Unauthorized Street Vendors (Pyongyang)
People have become used to chronic delays of, or a cessation of, food rations. This has become routine for many years under the harsh economic situation


  <Photo Repor 1> The Moran Market (Pyongyang)
I am from Pyongyang. Every year, a large number of foreigners visit this city for business and sightseeing. Are they allowed to see all parts of Pyongyang?

  Exemplary-contributors Praised At The Public Notice-board
A market is one of the best places that the government can collect food effectively. However, forcible collection triggers the people's anger People are ready for themselves to fight against anything to protect their own source of life to survive in this country.....

  The Government Launches Massive Campaign of Seizing Rice For The Military
In North Korea, there is a business called gTegorih.
Merchants go to farmersf villages and purchase rice, corn, fruit and vegetables.


  North Korea Food Shortage: Not a matter of absolute shortage, a matter of distribution and access
North Koreafs economic status is at its worst since the mass starvation of the late 90fs.
North Korea is now in the eBori-kogef period. Bori-koge is the season of food shortages which comes...


  The Testimony of a Starving Soldier: gHalf of us are malnourishedh
In March, I visited an area in North Pyongan Province. I spoke to two young soldiers. Their lapel pins show they belong to a cadet troop. North Korea has a conscription system....


  "Unemployment" Increases While The State Growls Socialism This February, I visited a coal-mining town in North-Pyongan Province. It was a cloudy, bitter winterfs day. I met two men there. They were wandering in rags, looking for work. Both had lost their home and were living on the streets. These homeless people are called ekotchebif.    


 Periodic Survey
* Price List (2011/June 8 - 14) at markets
* Regional Brief Notes


  Hyperinflation and Worsening Food Supplies to The Troops
Starting with Kim Dong-cheol, there are currently 8 North Korean reporters or collaborators working with the Rimjin-gang editorial staff to report undercover inside the country

  A 23 year-old homeless woman found dead
This 23 year-old homeless woman was found dead in a corn field in October, 2010. She died of starvation. Reporter Kim Dong-cheol tells us that gthe number of homeless and suicides have greatly increased since the 2009 currency reform.

  Official Decree - Redenomination - Currency Exchange
In December 2009, an official decree was announced gOn Severely Punishing Those who Use Foreign Currency.h
This shows how the credibility of the won has plummeted,leading to the people taking action to....

  Chang Jeong-gil on Pyongyangfs Kangdong County
In the spring of 2008, the Rimjin-gang editorial staff asked our North Korean reporters to cover the daily lives of the people, especially regarding the food situation.

  North Korean Reporter, LEE Jun story
Many North Korean refugees live in hiding in the Chinese border city of Yanbian. In August, 2002, LEE Jun, one of these refugees, came across

  Column - Voices from inside North Korea (ISHIMARU Jiro)
Among East Asian countries, only the people of North Korea have been left behind and deprived of freedom and prosperity. Why? Because the North Korean society is suffering from a kind of illness

  * Editor's notes on North Korean reporters

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