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Rimjin-gang: The first-ever independent publication in the world reported directly by people of North Korea. Compiled by ASIAPRESS International. [Release Note]
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Inspection At The Metro Station Entrance -
hNo Shabby Cloths, No Large Luggage!h (
Report by Gu Gwang-ho (June, 2011)
The government often sets up inspection checkpoints at metro stations and prevents persons with shabby clothes and large pieces of luggage from travelling, keeping them well away from the city center. The purpose of this inspection is to depict the showcase city, Pyongyang, as a beautiful and rich capital to the outside world.

I made a video recording with my hidden camera at Pyongyangfs north-east metro station this past June. You can see the scenes of inspection at the Ragwon station which is the last stop of Hyokshin Line. (Editorial Note gRagwonh means Paradise. Hyokshin Line runs in the cityfs west-east direction. Ragwon is the station at the east end.)
An old man was stopped by soldiers. He got raked over for his shabby-looking clothes. The soldier's armband reads "inspection".
(Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C) ASIAPRESS
A woman was stung by the soldier for carrying a large backpack. She was not allowed to enter.
(Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C) ASIAPRESS
This station is located in the Taesong District, north-east of the city, and functions as the junction for people going to the city center from suburban areas.

Soldiers standing at the entrance checkpoint are the military police of the Peoplefs Army. Whenever they find a person with a shabby appearance, wearing a backpack or carrying a large piece of luggage, they stop them at the entrance of the station to prevent them from travelling to the city center.

Many passengers carry a look of resignation as it happens very often. But sometimes we see people express their anger openly which turns into an acrimonious quarrel. When I was shooting the scene, there was a middle-aged man lashing out at the soldier since he was not allowed to enter the station because of his backpack. This inspection is made simultaneously at several stations especially when a special event takes place in Pyongyang such as a foreign delegationfs visit. For the ordinary people who necessarily travel to the city for their living, this imperative and autocratic regulation is creating the one of the seeds of dissatisfaction against the government.
(Report by Gu Gwang-ho. June, 2011)
This middle-aged man was also not allowed to enter because of his backpack. The man started an acrimonious quarrel with the soldier. The soldier tells him any passengers with shabby looking clothes and backpacks are not allowed to enter because there was an event to be held in the city center this day.
(Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C) ASIAPRESS
A soldier took the arm of a woman with a backpack, and forcibly took her out when she tried to slither past the inspection.
(Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C) ASIAPRESS
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Gu Gwang-ho is our North Korean reporting partner currently resides in Pyongyang.

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