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<Interview with N.Korean People> Defection of Thae Yong-ho, the minister at NK mission in London, is “natural”

ASIA PRESS, amid of flow of news from South Korean media, covering the defection of Thae Yong-ho, minister of North’s mission at London, asked opinions from reporting partners in North Korea. The news was sent to them via e-mail in advance. A telephone interview was made with a middle aged female reporter in Northern area of North Korea on August 19…

North Korean staff singing during a show. They live together in a nearby apartment. Taken by ASIA PRESS in Yanji City, Jilin Province, China on July 2013.

Kim Jong-un’s Furious Response to the Defection of 13 Restaurant staff

On April 8, the South Korean Ministry of Unification announced that 13 North Koreans, a manager and 12 employees of a North Korean restaurant, had defected from the DPRK and requested asylum in South Korea. There have been number of group defections of by sea or overland from North Korea. Mostly those groups were composed of their families. It is rare to see mass defections when the group is comprised of unrelated individuals…

Mobilized women to glean composts in Mid North Korea (Taken by Kim Dong-cheol/ mid January2015/ASIAPRESS)

-30C, Bitter Coldness! How do the ordinary people in N.Korea survive the bitter cold? Enforced composts gleaning! Fire wood and coal saving emphasized!

The bitter cold which overwhelmed East Asia has frozen Japan and Korean Peninsula. Sometimes the thermometer indicates less than -30c in some parts of Yanggang Province in North Korea. Then how can the ordinary North Koreans survive the bitter cold? We talked with a resident in northern part of North Hamkyung Province through mobile phone on January 25.