"High Waves of Taiwan Strait" by Michihiko Yanagimoto


* 1987年の戒厳令解除から2000年の陳水扁総統誕生までの激動の台湾現代史は、拙著『台湾革命』(集英社新書)を参考にしてください。

1953年京都出身。ノンフィクションライター。アジアプレス台北代表。1987年から家族で台北に拠点を構え、隠された日台史を発掘しつつ、「台湾ウォッチング」を続ける。(写真右: 台湾原住民族の友人たちと筆者)



「私は日本のために戦った~台湾『ことぶき村』の老人たち」(NHK『ETV特集』)、「魂は消えず―台湾・霧社の義勇兵」「二つの慰霊碑―台湾・霧社事件を追う」「ニッポン人よ 貯金を返せ―台湾花連老兵の叫び」「台湾光復50年」(いずれも朝日ニュースター)、「台湾花連寿村」(NHK真夜中の王国)、「花連三勇士―陛下勲章が泣いています」(MXテレビ『映像記者報告』)、「民族の音色を求めて」(NHK福岡)など。
Words by Author
By March this year, I'll have lived in Taiwan for 19 years. I feel that Taiwan has helped me in my long-term objective to re-examine the modern history of Japan. I've always taken a perspective of a common citizen to witness the political and economic development of this country as well as the shift in its relationship with China.
In two years will be the presidential election. This significant political event in March 2008 will definitely determine the fate of the island. I'm all alert to see how the Taiwanese will react to the outcome of the election. Some speculate that the Nationalists will beat their way to unification of two Chinas. Some say that the independence advocates will eventually turn the tables. My concern is that, now with China's menaces, how the process and the result of this coming election will affect the security of East Asia, Japan and especially Okinawa.
In this "journal," I'd like to share with the reader my observations from the coasts of Taiwan and of Okinawa. It will be my great pleasure if my journal can be an opportunity for the reader, living in Japan, to ponder on the future and the past of East Asia.
* Please take time to refer to "Revolution of Taiwan" for my report on the period between 1987-2000; from the end of the martial law until the rise of Chen Shui Bian as Taiwan's new President.
Michihiko Yanagimoto's Profile
Born in 1953 in Kyoto, Japan. Non-fiction writer and Taipei representative for Asia Press International. Since 1987, Michihiko Yanagimoto, together with his family, has based himself in Taiwan. His works are committed to re-discover the hidden history between Japan and Taiwan and to introduce to the Japanese public the developments of modern Taiwan.
Michihiko Yanagimoto's Works
"Life in Wushe" – which reports on the most significant rebellion by Taiwanese aborigines against the Japanese during the occupation period and its consequences (Published by Gendai Shokan, 1996). "Spiritual War of Taiwanese Female Aborigines" – which dictates the words and thoughts of Taiwanese aborigines who were made sex slaves during the war period (Published by Gendai Shokan, 2000). "A Flash Strikes Taroko Valley" – which evokes the extraordinary life of a Taiwanese aborigine couple who fought their own war in Pacific War (Published by Gendai Shokan, 2001). "Revolution of Taiwan" – in which the author vividly documents the modern history of the island (Published by Shuei Shinsho, 2000). "The Meiji Adventurers" – which portrays three Japanese scientists who settled in Taiwan at the time of colonization (Published by Shincho Shinsho, 2005).
His translation works include "Literature of Taiwan Aborigine Volume 4" (Published by Sofu Kan, 2005) and others.
"The lightening strikes Taroko Valley" received "Ushio Superior Prize in Non-Fiction."