Kim Jong-un inspects the Samjiyeon construction site. From the Korean Central Television, July 2018.



◆Criminals buy freedom with money

It has been reported that donations are being requested from a large number of residents in order to secure funds for the construction of the Samjiyeon Special Tourist Zone, a project that is being pushed by Kim Jong-un. If a large enough amount of money is donated, even criminal sentences can be reduced. Although struggling to raise funds, the Kim Jong-un regime is aiming to complete the construction at all costs. (Kang Ji-won / ISHIMARU Jiro)

Multiple reporting partners living in northern Yanggang Province reported the following information from late October to November.

"The authorities are encouraging donations for the Samjiyeon construction project. There was a case in which one million won (about 105 USD) was paid to have a family member’s sentence at a correctional labor camp (prison) reduced by three years. Also, a 48-year-old individual by the name of Kim, who was sentenced to death for human trafficking, had a 12-year sentence shortened and was released in September after family members donated five million won (about 529 USD).”

※In North Korea, on the Day of the Foundation of the Republic (September 9), a nationwide special pardon is issued and convicted criminals can have their sentences reduced by three years.

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