A young North Korean man and woman gaze across at the Chinese side of the Yalu River. Perhaps they are a couple. Photograph taken in September, 2019, by ISHIMARU Jiro.

Chinese relations with Pyongyang are said to be rapidly deteriorating following the murder of a Chinese citizen in Changbai County, Jilin Province by a North Korean. A reporting partner living in Ryanggang Province, across the Yalu River from Changbai, gave the following report in early December.

According to the reporting partner, the murder took place in late November when a North Korean man who had snuck across the border to Changbai was attempting to burgle a private home. Confronted by the homeowner, the thief killed the man before fleeing back across the border. Now, Chinese officials are officially calling for the murderer’s extradition.

The culprit’s escape has greatly angered the bereaved family, who have since set up loudspeakers to hurl insults across the border and to demand for North Koreans to “execute the murderer.”
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