1. <Photo Report on N.Korea> Experiencing the Lives of Ordinary People, “Sobicha“ (service car)

    Reporting partners in North Korea report that the operation of railway has worsened since November. The cause may be the worsening power supply…

  2. <Latest Photo Report> Priority on Construction of Guard Post To Prevent Defection-Not yet for flood victims (5 Photos)

    There was a huge damage on several cities and rural area along the Tumen River, a border between China and North Korea, by the flood at the end of August…

  3. <Photo Report on N.Korea> N.Korean People’s Army Facing State of Starvation

    “North Korea is a military power.” North Korean regime has succeeded in imprinting that image to the world during the last ten years…

  4. <Photo Report on N.Korea> Latest Textbooks for N.Korean Middle & High School Students; Idolization of Kim Jong-un in all subjects

    ASIA PRESS acquired textbooks that are currently used at middle and high school of North Korea. The total copies are 77, which were secretly carried out of North Korea through an acquaintance there by a North Korean defector in Seoul. ASIA PRESS digitized all the contents of 75 except two natural science textbooks…

  5. People who were mobilized for river improvement are gleaning stones. Taken by ASIA PRESS at a local city of northern area on June 2013

    <Photo Report> People are exploited in mobilized labor (2) Recorded women’s complaining voices; “This is all free labor,” “Everything is taken by the high ranks”

    The mobilized labor is performed by the unit of work place and school. Even though the work is very bothersome, people still have to participate in order not to be criticized. Blunt complaining voices are being heard from the video taken by our reporting partners….

  6. Some better-off people perform their tasks by hiring someone for the mobilized labor on behalf of them. It seems that the man in the picture was hired for replacing blocks of sidewalk. Seosung District in Pyongyang on August 2011. Taken by Koo Gwang-ho/ ASIAPRESS

    <Photo Report> People are exploited in mobilized for forced labor (1) Urban view

  7. PHOTO1

    N.Korea IT Report – PART1: Kids Master Emoticons and Movies with Mobile phones

  8. A woman returns home after fetching water from the village's public well. 2015, January. North Korean central region. (Team Mindeulle ASIAPRESS)

    [PHOTO REPORT] Winter, people strive to overcome the water crisis by drinking river water

  9. In Hyesan, it looked as if the wire fence was going to be installed along the levee. The building that resembles a white wall is a wooden barrier for monitoring the movement of residents approaching the river. Armed border guards check the identification of local people moving back and forth washing clothes in the river. (Hyegang-dong) ASIAPRESS

    <PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border [PART1]Things Still Tense in Border River Area After Purge of Jang Song-taek

  10. A Trading truck crossing the border bridge to enter North Korea. ASIAPRESS

    <PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border: [PART3]Tensions High In The Border City As A Special Team is Dispatched For Crackdowns

  11. Wiyeon-dong of Hyesan City, viewed from Changbai, China. The five-floor apartment on the right is newly built, and the slogan hanging from the balcony reads "Happiness of the Leader", "Happiness of the Sun", and "Happiness of the General", which legitimize the three-generation power succession as happiness for the country and people. (Taken from Chinese side of the river. Changbai, Jilin. 21/March/2014)ASIAPRESS

    <PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border: [PART2]A Sign of Late Spring In the Border Town of Hyesan

  12. A wire fence in the upstream area of the Amrok-gang (Yalu River), installed by the Chinese border authorities. It has been installed to prevent smuggling and defection.ASIAPRESS

    <PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border [PART1]Wire Fence Installed Upstream on the Amrok-gang (Yalu River)

  13. A booth of "Taedong-gang beer". (Sep.2011/Gu Gwang-ho)

    〈Photo Report- 8 (b) 〉 The Best Department Store in Pyongyang – But the Products on the Shelves are Not for Sale (2)

  14. The five-storey Pyongyang Department Store No.1 was built in the first half of the 1980's. (Sep.2011/Gu Gwang-ho)

    〈Photo Report- 8 (a) 〉 The Best Department Store in Pyongyang – But the Products on the Shelves are Not for Sale (1)

  15. 〈Photo Report – 7〉 Traffic Policewomen Relentlessly Pursue Bicycle Riders to Keep the Capital Tidy

  16. 〈Photo Report- 6 (b)〉 “Strong and Prosperous Nation” – The State Project to Build 100,000 Apartments in Pyongyang for the 100th Aanniversary of The Birth of Kim Il-sung

  17. 〈Photo Report- 6 (a)〉 The Government’s Command is for a “Strong and Prosperous Nation” — but Workers Tired Out at Pyongyang Construction Sites to Build 100,000 Apartments

  18. A group of young soldiers who are going to be transferred to the rear-echelon because of malnourishment. Some skinny soldiers stagger and can hardly walk. The troop commander told them to stay behind the wall so as not to be seen by the public. (Taken by Gu Gwang-ho, July, 2011. South Pyongan Province) ASIAPRESS

    〈Photo Report 5〉 Malnutrition Rampant Among The People’s Army

  19. An old man was stopped by soldiers. He got raked over for his shabby-looking clothes. The soldier's armband reads "inspection". (Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C) ASIAPRESS

    〈Photo Report 4〉Inspection At The Metro Station Entrance – “No Shabby Cloths, No Large Luggage!”

  20. A young couple dressed up in a wedding costume drove right up to the park in a black Mercedes to take their wedding picture. They seemed to be children of privileged or high-ranking officials. (Taesong District, Pyongyang. June, 2011. Taken by Gu Gwang-ho (C)ASIAPRESS

    〈Photo Report 3〉Widening Gaps – The Privileged Enjoy a Luxurious Life And the Homeless Suffer Harsh Days

  21. Women street vendors sitting in a line, selling goods in the area between apartment buildings. It is illegal to do this and the local authorities often made crackdowns and forcibly confiscated all goods and charged fines. But since the people's backlash was provoked, the team just patrols around and disperses them but confiscation measures are not taken these days. (Moranbong District, Pyongyang. June, 2011. Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C)ASIAPRESS

    〈Photo Report -2〉Unauthorized Street Vendors (Pyongyang)

  22. The entrance of the Moran market. The gate opens at three o'clock in the afternoon. Large bags that people carry seemed filled with the goods they sell.(Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C) ASIAPRESS

    〈Photo Report -1〉Public Market – The Moran Market (Pyongyang)


Chongjin, North Hamkyung Province. September, 2013  ASIAPRESS N.Korea Market Survey Reveals Basic Food Price Hike PHOTO1 N.Korea IT Report – PART1: Kids Master Emoticons and Movies with Mobile phones A bottle of domestic "penicillin", made at the Suncheon medical factory. ASIAPRESS Embezzled UN Aid Circulates in N.Korean Underground – End to Free Healthcare, Illegal Abortions Widespread A political assembly held by a KWP regional branch that took place a half year before the purge of Jang Song-thaek. The ranking officials discussed and addressed the people's allegiance and dedications to Kim Jong-un. (Summer/2013/ASIAPRESS) Possible Firing Squad Executions Punish Violators of “Kim Jong-un’s Instructions” This picture is taken from raw video footage captured in Sosong District, Pyongyang in the summer of 2006. Female students are assembled near the Three Revolution Exhibition museum to practice for a military parade in honor of Kim Jong-il's birthday. Each student is wearing a white shoulder-cloth inscribed with a consecutive number. (Lee Jun / Pyongyang / August 2006) ASIAPRESS The Truth Behind N.Korea’s Military Parades 〈Photo Report- 6 (a)〉 The Government’s Command is for a “Strong and Prosperous Nation” — but Workers Tired Out at Pyongyang Construction Sites to Build 100,000 Apartments

New Report

  1. <Photo Report> Kotchebi, the Homeless, Under the Kim Jong-un Regime (PART1) A girl and a boy–probably siblings–sleeping on a street
  2. [Video Report] What do the ordinary people eat in North Korea? There are many types of food sold at hawker stalls. (Hawker stalls are individually owned food stalls)
  3. <New Year’s Report from N.Korea> Kim Jong-un’s Reputation Continues to Fall: Citizens Critical of His “New Year Address.”
  4. <Inside N. Korea> Bank Card and ATM Appear in Local Cities. Split Responses; “Convenient” and “Still Can’t Trust the Government.”
  5. <Inside N. Korea> Worsened power supply paralyzed the train system, reportedly causing deaths in a stopped train
  6. <Inside N. Korea> Expansion of the market economy as the driving force behind social transformation–based on sources from inside North Korea. (PART8, FINAL) The “class system” is being shaken. by Jiro Ishimaru
  7. Drastic Increase of Inmates at “Labor Training Camps”: “People Dying of Malnutrition and Physical Abuse”, a Former Inmate Testifies.