(FILE PHOTO) A proclamation distributed in December 2009 in South Pyongan Province stating: “Regarding the Severe Punishment of Those Circulating Foreign Currency in the DPRK.” The proclamation even mentions execution for violators. Taken by KIM Dong-chul.

<Inside N. Korea>New proclamation calls for intensified control over the economy…Intense crackdowns on circulation of goods and use of foreign currency (1) The authorities confiscate Chinese yuan and US dollars

In early August, the Kim Jong-un regime released a proclamation banning the use of foreign currency and declaring that all distribution of goods must occur under government control and management. Serious violators of the proclamation’s orders face execution and life imprisonment. In mid-August, several ASIAPRESS reporting partners provided information about the impact of the proclamation on North Korean society. (KANG Ji-won)

◆ Donju are major targets of proclamation

The proclamation was released by the Ministry of Social Security (North Korea’s national police agency) and was entitled, “In Regards to the Thorough Ban on Goods Transactions Outside of Government Control and the Circulation of Foreign Currency.”

The proclamation was posted in public places, particularly those areas with surveillance cameras to monitor whether anyone takes the notices away or photographs them. Officials came to inminban (neighborhood watch unit) meetings to explain the content of the proclamation, which was also broadcast through the country’s “Third Network,” which is a network of wired speakers installed in North Korean homes.

“People conducting small-scale business activities are getting netted by the authorities (due to the proclamation), but I think that the major target is members of the donju, whose business activities are larger in scale,” one of the reporting partners told ASIAPRESS.

※ ASIAPRESS communicates with its reporting partners through Chinese cell phones smuggled into North Korea.