Secretly smuggled out North Korean textbooks


ASIA PRESS acquired 77 North Korean textbooks that are currently used in middle and high schools. The texts were secretly carried out of North Korea by an acquaintance of a North Korean defector in Seoul. ASIA PRESS digitized the contents of all but two natural science textbooks.

There are 13 subjects for high school students; Korean Literature, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, History, English, Art, mechanics, Geography, Chinese Letters, Revolutionary History, and Socialistic Morality.


English textbook for 3rd grade high school student (ASIA PRESS)


The first page of every textbook has a quotation from Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il or Kim Jong-un in bold letters. The words of the leader emphasize the role of the text as a study guide. There are no exceptions, even for subjects such as physics, mathematics, mechanics or art.
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