(Reference Photo) A soldier blocks a man from entering a station, preventing travel to central Pyongyang. Photographed in Daesung District, Pyongyang in June 2011 by Gu Gwang-ho (ASIAPRESS)

All entry into Pyongyang blocked off

Reports indicate that, from September 1st, North Korea implemented special security measures to prepare for the September 9th celebration of the Day of the Foundation of the Republic. Entry into Pyongyang, where commemorative events were concentrated, was severely restricted and security was tightened near the Sino-Korean border. (Kang Ji-won)

According to ASIAPRESS reporting partners in North Korea, the issuance of travel certificates for Pyongyang was suspended entirely, preventing people and vehicles from entering the capital city. Additionally, thorough inspections were being carried out at checkpoints on roads and railroads.

Only people and vehicles registered in Pyongyang could pass through the checkpoints, which caused cargo transportation to virtually come to as top. Merchants sent goods to the cities outside of Pyongyang, such as Nampo and Pyongsong, so that vehicles from Pyongyang could come and pick them up. However, the merchants emphasized caution, saying "We are not trying to make any reckless moves during the special security period."

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