◆Police search private homes

A reporting partner in the northern part of Yanggang Province said that the security forces near the Sino-Korean border are on alert, explaining as follows.

"Security at the Sino-Korean border has significantly increased the number of patrols and forbidden soldiers from going on leave. In cities near the border, police and security agents are conducting searches of civilian houses and arresting occupants from outside the city who don’t have proper travel permits."

On September 9th of every year, special rations such as rice and liquor are provided to all residents. However, as of September 3rd, there was no word of rations for this year’s celebration. North Korea, which is currently under sanctions from the international community, has experienced greater economic hardship this year, making it possible that the provision of 'special rations' was postponed.

Authorities are telling residents that the special security measures will be maintained until the 15th. The lengthy security period may be related to the upcoming visits of South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, and Chinese President, Xi Jinping, which will likely take place after the anniversary celebrations.