◆ What is more frightening than coronavirus is the rising daily hardship

How are the residents reacting to the sudden shift to a state of high alert? According to our reporting partner, people are more worried about their livelihoods than they are about the disease. The reporting partner explained as follows:

"I am very afraid that the city will be in lockdown for a long time. Some people do not go to the hospital even if they are sick and do not report it, because they will be quarantined if they are found to have caught a cold. If they are quarantined, they will not be able to do business and will not be able to survive."

In addition, it is said that there are many disappointed that the COVID-19 outbreak in an adjacent area of China has made the total resumption of trade an even more distant prospect.

Meanwhile, those on the Chinese side of the border with Hyesan City have a growing suspicion that the origin of the outbreak was in North Korea, and Chinese border guards are keeping a watchful eye on border-crossers from North Korea.

※ASIAPRESS contacts its reporting partners in North Korea through smuggled Chinese mobile phones.

Map of North Korea ( ASIAPRESS)