A scene from Hyesan taken by ASIAPRESS in July 2010 from the Chinese side of the border.

◆ Frightened about the coronavirus, the reporting partner asks ASIAPRESS about symptoms caused by the coronavirus

Hyesan’s sudden lockdown appears to have led to widespread fear about COVID-19, which remains a mystery to many people. “D” asked ASIAPRESS a flurry of questions about the coronavirus, including its symptoms, what kind of fevers the coronavirus causes, and what kind of medicines those infected should take.

D:  There’s no medicine in our house except for pain relievers, and I’m taking them right now because I’m scared about the virus. I’ve heard there’s been large numbers of COVID-19 patients in Japan and South Korea. What’s the situation in those places now?


――The number of infected continues to decline, and in South Korea it’s now okay to walk around outside without a mask. People in Europe and America are not required to wear masks anymore, and they are even allowed to watch soccer games in stadiums again.

D:  Really? I’m jealous. They tell us here that we’ll be fine if we just have cold medicine.


―― The spread of the virus has declined in Japan and South Korea after people got a third dose of the vaccines. People will be getting a fourth dose going forward.

D:  People have had three doses? Are the vaccines expensive? Can you send them to me? I’d like to get vaccinated. There’s little medicine available. I feel sorry for everyone here. Our country is poor, and people die when they get COVID-19.