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Sadong District, where the video was recorded, is located at the southeast of Daedong River, flowing through the centre of Pyongyang. Tall buildings are hardly seen, but there are apartment buildings of four to five-story sometimes. It is one of the most underdeveloped area in Pyongyang as large portion of it is not paved yet.

According to a defector who used to live in Seongyo District next to Sadong, it is the same as to say that he lives in a country side if a person is from Sadong. It has an image of suburban area where working class people live. Most of the bikes in North Korea are from Japan.

Neglected bikes are collected in Japan and exported to North Korea. Bike has become a daily necessity from the 90’s as the public transportation system is inadequate in North Korea. As the ration system collapsed, bikes and handcarts became very important means to move and carry things for most of common people who rely on individual business for living.

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