All our staff inside North Korea work under assumed names.

Any article we provide with a byline stating a North Korean reporter is reported by North Koreans themselves.

ASIAPRESS North Korea reporting team is in charge of nurturing North Korean journalists. In towns along the Sino-North Korea border, the team gives step-by-step training in both journalistic principles and camera skills.

R_NEX002In a country like North Korea where there has never been journalism and freedom of the press, there is less room for North Korean reporters to exercise a journalistic approach to their reports and stories, even though they have a strong commitment to the principles of journalism.

In the censored state, people have no right of access to information. Therefore, some of the articles may contain subjective views and unverified information.

Nevertheless, the ASIAPRESS North Korea reporting team makes every effort to verify their information in diverse ways. Via direct contact with persons in China, or oral telecommunication from inside North Korea, the team tries to prove the facts in each and every article. Some relevant facts are added to the article in this process to aid understanding.

The security and protection of reporters is the utmost priority.

Reporters cannot always keep a notebook, text or PC data with them.

For these reasons, the team sometimes writes articles with a North Korean reporter's name on the byline, based on oral information and telecommunication exchanges with that reporter.


Rimjin-gang (English Edition First Issue) RELEASE NOTE
Editor's notes on North Korean reporters

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