This video was filmed at a railway in North Pyongan Province in March 2013.  People gathered near a dump truck and a train that were transporting coal.  It would be exported to China for its final destination.  Residents were there to collect coal that had fallen from the truck, a train, and a car. Women collected coal powder left on the ground by using a brush or a spoon. Whenever a dump truck stopped some would climb on to the back of the truck and then drop out coal.

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An ASIAPRESS reporting partner approached an old woman picking up coal powder.  She collects two buckets of coal a day.  A bucket of coal was sold at 5,000 Won (around 0.40 USD at the time of filming), which is five times higher than monthly wages at an ordinary state-owned company.  It is beyond reasonable that a number of residents gather to diligently pick up coal.

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