A gaunt officer is wandering around market. Taken by ASIAPRESS at Hyesan City, Yanggang Province in August 2013.




Many Japanese media in the recent month have produced the news, so called, ‘Crisis of Korean Peninsula in April’: Trump administration may preemptively strike North Korea against its nuclear and missiles, and thus North Korea may take revenge on the US by launching missiles to Japan and South Korea.

Then, how do the North Koreans think about the possibility of the war? ASIAPRESS is listening to the various voices from the reporting partners in North Korea since April. Kim Jong-un regime is also escalating the tension by performing emergency drill and warning that a war is imminent.

However, the responses of North Korea people were quite cool and indifferent.

“There shouldn’t be anyone who would believe that a war would broke out. Everyone has no interests, or fear, even if we have to join drill by forced order from the above,” told a female in northern area of North Korea through an email in the mid April. Most of the reporting partners shared almost the same opinions.

This kind of insipid response might be due to the “numbness to war.” The North Korean regime has kept the tension and burden toward its people by saying “War is imminent” after the cold war. In actuality, there have been multiple cases of volatile situations with the US. (*)

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The regime initiated extensive instigation internally and externally that a war might be imminent after the first nuclear test of the Kim Jong-un regime in February 2013. It had kept its people under strain by fully mobilizing the people,like using anti aircraft drill. But the war never broke out. The people became aware of it that the regime has the aim to keep tight control over its people by arousing tension through the preparation of war. The government became the boy who cried wolf.

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