◆ Kim Jong-un- “The power grid is going to collapse...”

The reporting partner living in Hoeryong City said that Kim Jong-un’s “words of concern” regarding the power shortage were delivered to organizations, businesses, and local people’s units on December 20.

Kim Jong-un’s “words of concern” expressed his fear that the nation’s power grid could be overwhelmed by citizens using electricity. He therefore called for a nationwide campaign to conserve electricity. This campaign includes a crackdown on illegal uses of electricity.

Power authorities in local governments have begun “cross-checking” how much electricity is being distributed to other regions. In addition, the crackdown targets people who use electricity outside of regulations or steal electricity without paying fees.

Police and other security agencies are also cracking down on public officials who accept bribes for electricity. Those charged with such crimes in the first round of arrests carried out on December 25 have been charged fines or referred to additional ideological education sessions.

Some residents can afford to buy Chinese-made solar panels and to power their lights. In addition, the current crackdown has apparently had no significant impact as there are many houses that steal electricity by secretly splitting wires and burying them in the ground. Though, according to the reporting partner, orders have been given to local people’s units to report such electricity thieves. (Kang Ji-won)

※ASIAPRESS contacts reporting partners in North Korea through smuggled Chinese mobile phones.

Map of the northern region of North Korea (ASIAPRESS)

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