The reality in North Korea is that citizens are not allowed to move freely without permission from the government. Checkpoints are set up in many places by the regime to strictly check and control the movement of people and vehicles. There are other checkpoints under the customs and the military.

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However, ‘No. 10 Checkpoints’ set up by the State Security Department is known as the strictest checkpoints. All the people and vehicles going through the checkpoints must be issued ‘travel passes’. Even all the passengers in a ‘Sobicha’ (service car) must get off the truck and show their ID cards or ‘travel passes’.

An ASIAPRESS reporting partner successfully filmed himself going through a ‘No. 10 Checkpoint’. According to the video, everyone must get off the cars and wait in line to face the security check one by one. Soldiers are not an exception.

After the security check, people have to wait around until the car is inspected and let through. The process would become more annoying if one forgets to bring the ‘travel pass’ or possesses something ‘problematic’ since they may get detained and interrogated on the spot. Hence, a ‘No. 10 Checkpoint’ is the most notorious checkpoints in North Korea.

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