There are increasing challenges in comprehending trends inside North Korea and what North Koreans are thinking due to the Kim Jong-un regime’s extreme measures to isolate the country following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2020.

Despite this situation, ASIAPRESS was able to hear about conditions inside the country in early June through a reporting partner in the northern region of the country. Over the course of a two-part series, ASIAPRESS will publish the audio of the interview conducted with this reporting partner.

In 2023, the Kim Jong-un regime conducted several ballistic missile test launches. In June, the country launched a military reconnaissance satellite, which ended in failure. What do North Koreans suffering under dire economic conditions think about these military provocations? ASIAPRESS conducted an interview with a reporting partner in the northern region of North Korea in early June to hear what people are thinking. (HAN Ha-yu)

※ ASIAPRESS communicates with its reporting partners through Chinese cell phones smuggled into North Korea.

Interview About Conditions Inside North Korea Pt.1 -Is it true that people have died of starvation?-