Mass Starvations Occurred in the Breadbasket [pdf] January 2013
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Our team is the North Korea Reporting Team of ASIAPRESS, a news agency based in Japan. Based on unique sources that do not undergo censorship by the North Korean authorities, the team has been reporting on North Korea from an independent standpoint. In the past, we have been covering North Korean politics, the economy, the food situation, human rights issues and other matters, communicating with media in countries across the world in the form of news, publications, and documentaries. Inside cooperators within North Korea have been providing us with information. Our reporting team has also been in contact with North Korean nationals in China along the border with North Korea to gather their testimonies.

Based on the information we have gathered, we firmly believe that in 2012, a large-scale famine hit the Hwanghae region to the southwest of Pyongyang. We estimate that the number of deaths may have exceeded ten-thousand. The North Korean government has disclosed nothing on the situation, neither has it taken any fundamental measures to counter the famine. Residents are facing dire circumstances, and we have been communicating this fact to the world media.

We have compiled an emergency report for international organizations, humanitarian relief organizations and media. This is with hopes that you will be able to utilize this report, and that international organizations will express interest in the serious starvation issues that exist in North Korea, and that from a humanitarian viewpoint, you will be able to encourage the North Korean government to allow on-site fact-finding surveys immediately, to prevent last year's tragedies from being repeated this year.

The team will continue its reporting activities from inside North Korea, and will continue to cover the situation in the Hwanghae Provinces. We sincerely hope that media and international organizations will express special interest in this issue.

ISHIMARU Jiro (AISPARESS North Korea Reporting Team) 
By allowing the text information and reports published here to be sourced freely and disseminated around the world, we hope to contribute to a more accurate understanding of the situation in North Korea. The reader should agree to the "Terms of Use" written below.

20130128_pdf_report_coverX50North Korea: Report on the Famine in the Hwanghae Provinces and the Food Situation 2012 

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