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A village in South Hwanghae province. People are waiting in line to get water from the village pump.

There is a quarrel between people and a man who cut in line.

Soldiers also come to get water with big buckets. A little girl walks staggering with heavy water carrying yoke on her shoulders.

As the water supply stop working, people in the region gather around the village pump. It is easily seen everywhere in North Korea.

A defector from North Korea said after watching this video; “Being different from Pyongyang, the rate of water supply is low in the local areas. There is quite often no water supply because even the motorized pump doesn’t work, due to the power shortage. They have to go to the village pump for drinking water. The locals even have to collect money to dig a well if there is no village pump.”

Rimjin-gang North Korean Reporter - Shim Ui-chun
Shim is a man in his thirties living in central North Korea. His 2008 report on the Hwanghae region became a global scoop.

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