Flooded Tumen River with broken dyke on August 31. Right is Namyang, North Korea (Quoted from HP of Jilin Newspaper)



A huge flood deprived a lot of lives at Namyang Laborer District of Onsung County in North Korea. But the authorities’ futile effort to cope with the disaster provoked outcry from the people, reported couple of reporting partners at the region.

 “A,” a reporting partner of ASIAPRESS living in the region, covered the damage on September 8: There are number of deaths by the flood at Namyang and it is said that six people are dead at Saebyol County. Two people are said to be dead at Ryuda Island (an island at the mid-Tumen River). People, when asked, are just saying ‘Many are dead, or missing.’

Another reporting partner at the same region said on the phone on the same day, “A military post and seven soldiers were swept away. Four dead bodies were found at Onsung County. If found at the Chinese side, the deaths are handed over after notification. But even there are many missing people, so few are found.”

On September 6, Korean Central News Agency released the news that 60 people are dead and 25 are missing because of this deluge. The damage by the flood in North Hamkyung Province seems serious based on the reports by ASIANPRESS reporters and the released news.

However, although the authority says that the damage by flood is due to the heavy rain, some people insist that the damage grew bigger because of the authority’s wrong response.

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