*Denuclearization? No Idea!

Followings are questions and answers

-What is the response of the people?

-They don’t give us any concrete information. Response, to some extent, like ‘Is it so?’ Just few are interested in it. There must be some people who expect revitalized trade with China followed by the loosened economic sanction. The people of foreign trading companies would think so too.

-The North Korea government, having expressed the denuclearization, would have summit meeting with the South in April and the US in May. Do the people know it?

-Are they really eliminating the nuclear weapons? I don’t know about it. Do they really get rid of the nukes? They have bragged that the North is a power nation in the nukes. There was no word regarding the abandonment of the nuclear at this study meeting. The person who gave the information from the meeting of the officials belongs to a high rank. He didn’t mention it at all. He seems to have no information. They keep it secret even to the high level officials.

Another reporting partner in a city of North Hamkyung Province delivered the news via phone conversation on March 14 that a study meeting toward the residents was held with the same content on March 12. He said “There was no explanation about denuclearization, the North-South summit meeting, or the meeting with the US President Donald Trump.”

The state media of the North Korea delivered the news that Kim Jong-un met the special envoy of President Moon Jae-in without mentioning even a word of the denuclearization, the South-North Summit Meeting, or the meeting with the US as of March 14.

*ASIAPRESS sends Chinese mobile phones into North Korea to cover the inside story.

Editor’s notes on North Korean reporters

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