Asia Press International (API) was established in Tokyo on October 1, 1987. It was started as a group of photo-video-journalists who work and support each other just like the Yui Cooperative (an agricultural group which has been around for many generations in Asia).

While the spirit of journalism in the big media networks is beginning to fade, API journalists, as expressionists, have been trying to be independent and creative. We strive to be free from any dependence on capital and authority. To realize this, we try to keep on developing our capabilities and spirit as recorders of the times. In addition, we continue to expand our network by joining hands with Asian peoples, regardless of differences in race and culture.

For its operation, Asia Press has established representative offices in Bangkok, Manila, Taipei, Beijing, Seoul, Osaka and Tokyo. Each office has its own group of local journalists. Asia Press grows its roots through this way. This is not just a demand of the times, but a necessity for us to be truly independent and international.
At present, Asia Press has about 30 members. The areas we cover encompass the globe not just Asia. The themes we work on are diverse - from politics to culture.

Asia Press, our collective name, means that we have chosen Asia as the primary source of our themes and reportage. But we operate beyond the realms of our home bases.
If there is one thing common among us, it is our concern to listen and give voice to people ignored and shunned by major mass media networks. Through our stories, we aim to shed light on the human spirit and discover the truth that lies hidden in it. This we intend to accomplish, especially in a society where people are more and more considered as objects like stones cast away on the roadside, by working as independent journalists.

NONAKA Akihiro
Asia Press International