Chief Editor and journalist: ISHIAMRU Jiro

Ishimaru Jiro

Ishimaru was born in 1962 in Osaka, Japan. He is the Osaka office representative for ASIAPRESS.

He studied abroad in Seoul for two and a half years and then in '93 traversed the entire 1400 kilometer China-North Korean border. 

He has made reports from inside North Korea three times, and has been to the border region more than ninety times. Up to now he has interviewed more than 900 North Koreans.

Ishimaru is the publisher and chief editor of Rimjin-gang. 



Editor: Lee jin-su

Lee Jin-su
Lee was born in Japan. He is a third generation Korean residing in Japan. He works as a North Korea team reporter for ASIAPRESS. He lived in South
Korea for ten years working for a human rights NGO. Lee has been to the China-North Korean border fifteen times since 2004.
He has interviewed over a hundred North Koreans, mainly women who were victims of human trafficking. His theme is the human rights situation surrounding North Korea's economic revitalization process.

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