ASIAPRESS has published E-Book version of “Rimjin-gang: News from inside North Korea” under the title “Voices of Hidden People” at Amazon on October 3, 2018. The book had been written by the reporters, risking their lives, in North Korea.
>> The kindle version is available now on Amazon!

Direct Coverage by Civic Reporters

North Korea is the most closed country to get internal information. Every single person visiting from overseas is not allowed to go freely and is under surveillance. To get information on this closed country, ASIAPRESS has launched an investigative team with the people in North Korea since 2002. The coverage on North Korea using videos, photos, and voices has been praised by many human rights groups, researchers and media of global society.

More than 200 photos taken secretly in North Korea

More than 200 photos directly taken by the civic journalists in North Korea are posted in “Voices of a Hidden People.” The book presents ‘the facts’ with the evidences. Readers can see the real image of hidden nation, “North Korea.”

Publishing “Voices of a Hidden People” as an Amazon kindle version is to make more researchers on North Korea and readers to easily access to it. Amazon has more than 70% of share in the e-book market and is operating in twelve countries, including USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, etc. The book can be read on tablet, smart phone, PC or Mac through the application of Amazon Kindle.

The book is reasonably priced at US24.99. The subscribers for the Kindle Unlimited can access the book freely.
“Simply Books,” the publisher, plans a seven day event for a price discount from November 5. Especially, readers can purchase the book at 90% discounted price from November 5 to 8.

 ebook launch event promo video

>> The kindle version is available now on Amazon!