Rimjin-gang FAQ

Q1: What does "Rimjin-gang" mean?

A1:Rimjin-gang" is the North Korean name for the Imjin River which flow down the middle of the Korean Peninsula. We will be using this North Korean version throughout the book.

Q2: What are the goals of Rimjin-gang?

Q2: By training North Koreans as journalists, we hope to sow the seeds of journalism in North Korea. If oppressed people have the opportunity to express themselves based on free speech, it will bring changes to the society. In addition, North Koreans, rather than foreigners, are the ones who should record and describe their own history and daily lives in print. Thus, our goal is to create green shoots of journalism in the Hermit Kingdom. We believe that in the future, these seeds will become trees bearing fruit not only for North Koreans for the world of journalism as a whole.

Q3: Is Rimjin-gang related to any institutions or political organizations?

A3: Rimjin-gang is independent from any institution or political organization. There is no political influence behind our operations. We do, however, occasionally exchange information with human rights groups on a humanitarian basis. We also accept some grants from independent institutions. Our mission is purely to support independent journalism and journalistic activities. All operations are carried out by the ASIAPRESS North Korea Reporting Team.

Q4: How many North Korean members are there in Rimjin-gang?

A4: Currently we have 8 North Korean reporters and collaborators active inside North Korea and along the Chinese border zone. We have both female and male reporters. One of the women is a mother of two children.
Profiles of Our North Korean Journalists

Q5: There is a South Korean magazine called "Imjingang." Does it have any connection to Rimjin-gang?

A5: SEE: About Our Team - ASIAPRESS and Rimjin-gang


Q6: Where can I buy Rimjin-gang?

A6: There are two options.
1:Rimjin-gang can be ordered via our online shopping cart.
2: For U.S customer, Amazon.com is available.
For Libraries and Institutions in U.S.

Rimjin-gang/Asiapress publishing is registered member of IBPA.(Independent Book Publishers Association)
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Q7: Can I buy Rimjin-gang at the local bookstore?

A7: A nationwide/worldwide distribution system is currently under development.
Some retail stores deal with Rimjin-gang. You can ask at your local bookstore.

BOOK TITLE: Rimjin-gang(News From Inside North Korea)
First Edition/English
Publisher: ASIAPRESS Publishing (2010)
ISBN-10: 4904399056
ISBN-13: 978-4904399057
Q8: Can I buy Rimjin-gang be downloading via e-book/Amazon-Kindle?

A8: An e-book is in production. The English Edition Rimjin-gang e-book (and Kindle edition) will be released in the near future.

Q9: How can I cancel my order?

A9: You can cancel your order if it done within 12 hours of purchase. After shipping we do not accept cancellations.

Q10: I have received Rimjin-gang. But unfortunately some pages of the book were missing or defective.

A10: We will send you another copy. Please return the defective copy to us.
We will refund the postage to your PayPal or bank account.


Q11: What kind of payment methods do you have?

A11: For orders placed from outside Japan, we mainly use PayPal. (Bank-to-bank transfer is also available. For ordering by bank-to-bank transfer, contact us in beforehand by e-mail at rimjingang-en@asiapress.org.) If ordering from inside Japan there are 3 payment methods.

Q12: How many days does it take for delivery?

A12: We will initiate the shipment procedure after we confirm your order. When payment including shipping charges is confirmed, we will send the parcel. It will be shipped from Japan by SAL Postal Service. Please allow 7-20 days for delivery (depending on the destination).

Q13: If I want to buy 3 copies at the same time for our library archive, how much will it cost?

A13: In this case, we will look up the shipping cost. Send us an e-mail before the order.

Q14: Can you issue a receipt of the order?

A14: We enclose a "purchasing receipt" in every shipping parcel.

<Note: If you could contact us in Korean, Japanese or Chinese, you will receive a faster reply.>

Q15: I am a TV producer. I would like to use your video footage taken in North Korea. What are the procedures for obtaining media from you, and what are the licensing terms and conditions?

A15: The ASIAPRESS archive department arranges copyright licensing for video footage and still-image pictures. We have a policy for handling archival footage in the media to insure it is used correctly and not biased. You must read and agree to our "Conditions of Use" first.
SEE: ASIAPRESS ARCHIVE "Conditions of Use"

Q16: I am a publisher. I would like to introduce Rimjin-gang on our book review page. Do I need to get your permission?

A16: We appreciate all media reviews. Please contact us for more information. We will send you a high-resolution JPEG image of the cover if necessary. We would appreciate it if you could send us a copy of the webpage referring to our book via e-mail, fax or post. It will be very useful feedback. If you intend to use another pictures other than cover, our "Conditions of Use" will apply.
SEE: ASIAPRESS ARCHIVE "Conditions of Use"