Well-dressed residents attend a grand ceremony to celebrate the enlistment of new recruits. Photographed in August 2006 in Chongjin City by Lee Jun (ASIAPRESS)


◆ Military service terms decided and altered at the discretion of the State

...Articles 12 through 17 of the Military Service Act regulate the following:

● Enlisted citizens must serve in their assigned unit.
● A citizen can become a military officer with the appropriate education.
● The length of military service terms shall be determined by the State according to the demand for military personnel and targets.
● The State may determine military service limits depending on the type of military service and service conditions.
● Military service terms of 1-3 years will be given to citizens that have contributed or will contribute particularly to the development of science, technology, physical education, and arts.
● Institutions, enterprises, and organizations shall select applicable citizens according to the criteria for 1-3 year military service terms.

The internally-disseminated document also contains the following commentary:

● Military service is based upon a high sense of consciousness and integrity.
● To serve faithfully in the military is a noble and wonderful tradition of North Korean youth.
● The heroes of the War for the Liberation of the Fatherland, including Li Su-bok, and the heroes of the 60’s and 90’s such as Kim Kwang-chul and Gil Young-jo, were all faithful soldiers who performed their military duties better than anyone else.
● All young graduates should enlist in the People’s Army and display great loyalty and patriotism to shine in their time serving in the military.
● In particular, recruits must be trained to fight to the death to serve the leader of the revolution, respecting the duty of military service faithfully.

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