◆ Thoroughly fanning hatred for South Korea

In June, North Korean authorities strongly protested after a group of North Korean defectors in South Korea spread leaflets criticizing Kim Jong-un. As the leaflets cursed Kim Jong-un (N. Korea’s “highest dignity”), the North Korean authorities accused the South Korean government of violating the inter-Korean agreement signed two years earlier.

It was Kim Yo-jung who came to the forefront when criticizing South Korea. In her statement, she foreshadowed the June 16 demolition of the North-South Joint Liaison Office in Kaesong.

The authorities also warned of a leaflet campaign and military action in retaliation against the South. The leaflets would include the defaced pictures of President Moon and be distributed near the Military Demarcation Line. On July 23, Kim Jong-un declared that he would withdraw this action and, on the surface, the tone of the regime’s criticism of Moon Jae-in was lightened.

Part of the internal document reads, “Beyond sending anti-South Korean leaflets, even if we were to fly over the demarcation line and pour shit into Moon Jae-in’s snout, our anger would not subside.”


However, the specific internal documents obtained by ASIAPRESS were written after the 'suspension of action' declaration. The document claims to represent the voices of workers, students, Kaesong citizens, and farmers who want revenge for the insults to Kim Jong-un. The documents set out to incite deep anti-South sentiment and hatred. Let's take a closer look.
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