◆ Why was this level of profanity used against President Moon?

The document begins with a phrase which conveys the anger of a railway worker.

“Among soldiers, party members, and laborers, there is the idea that we must ruthlessly punish the trash and puppet regime that ridiculed our people and dared to challenge the most sacred dignity and authority of our republic.”

Peoples from all walks of life are said to be making disparaging remarks about President Moon, such as the following.

“Human scum defectors and that dunce, Moon Jae-in... it is too late for them to regret.”

About the design of the leaflets to be sent over to the South, it was written, “I wish that the cowardly and pitiful face of Moon Jae-in was designed in the shape of a skeleton gourd or with our missiles crushing his head to express our intense feelings more strongly.”

Part of the internal document reads, “I wish that the cowardly and pitiful face of Moon Jae-in was designed in the shape of a skeleton gourd or with our missiles crushing his head to express our intense feelings more strongly.”

“It would be of some consolation if the propaganda used against the human scum traitors would be covered in shit, rather than cigarette butts, and spread as far as the rooms of the South Korean Blue House.”

“Beyond sending anti-South Korean leaflets, even if we were to fly over the demarcation line and pour shit into Moon Jae-in’s snout, our anger would not subside.”

"Just as we blew up the North-South Joint Liaison Office and sent it into the sky, we must kill the mad cowards mercilessly and give them the most miserable death."

Finally, the document concludes with plans for developing propaganda projects across the country.

“We will share these reflections of the workers and party members with party organizations and conduct the project so as to retaliate against the puppets who dared to insult our supreme dignity.”

The document continues, “Through the party organizations, we are going to strengthen hatred for the puppet regime among members of the party and workers so that they can have a strong sense of the enemy and actively engage in the war of revenge against the puppets through various forms and methods.”

Part of the internal document reads, “We will retaliate against the puppets and traitors who dared to touch our supreme dignity.” (ASIAPRESS)

◆ Why is such violent language being used against President Moon?

President Moon, as a partner in inter-Korean dialogue with Kim Jong-un, represented South Korea in 3 summit meetings. Though North Korean talks with the U.S. eventually broke down, it was President Moon who supported Kim Jong-un’s international diplomatic debut by serving as a bridge to President Trump.

Although the documents obtained by ASIAPRESS are said to be confidential, the insults against President Moon are reminiscent of the language used against both former presidents Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye. By using this type of language once more, what is the intention of the Kim Jong-un regime?

The first objective is to thoroughly reinforce the domestic attitude that blasphemy against Kim Jong-un is never to be overlooked. The leading figure behind the response was Kim Yo-jung, who encouraged demonstrations of loyalty to the Kim clan.

The second purpose is to shift public sentiment, as it had previously been leaning toward South Korea during the past two years of inter-Korean cooperation. This campaign seems to be aimed at inspiring hatred and hostility toward South Korea and at heightening tensions.

Most North Korean citizens had a favorable view of President Moon after he visited Pyongyang and made a public speech. Seen as an older and more tolerant leader than Kim Jong-un, North Korean residents expected the South Korean president to provide more support to their country.

The Kim Jong-un regime, however, was wary, believing that, if they did not slow the rising popularity and appreciation of South Korean leaders, dissatisfaction with the country’s poor economic conditions could lead to an explosion of domestic opposition against the regime.

Following the demolition of the joint office and the series of fierce accusations against South Korea, ASIAPRESS asked for the thoughts of its reporting partners in North Korea.

“People here all know and envy the fact that South Korea is doing well. The demolition went too far. Wouldn’t we be in much difficulty if we didn't get support from South Korea in the first place?"

Editor’s notes on North Korean reporters

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