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The archives typically consist of documents published in pdf or similar formats free of charge. The aim of this project is to publish highly accurate reports and articles about North Korea with the help of North Koreans reporting from within the country and the Rimjin-gang editors. The reports are intended to be used effectively by experts and researchers and related organizations and media.

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Rimjin-gang - Digital Archives - English
Rimjin-gang : Report on Starving Korean People's Army 
(October / 2012)

<PART 1> A starving soldier captured on video 
 DOWNLOAD >>> (PDF/15pages/369kb)                                                                                              
<PART 2 > Death by starvation in military troops
 DOWNLOAD >>> (PDF/5pages/111kb)  
<PART 3 > Why is the Korean People's Army starving?
DOWNLOAD >>> (PDF/14pages/378kb) 

Rimjin-gang : Report on Digital and IT Conditions in North Korea (June / 2012)

<PART 1> Rapid spread of mobile phones
DOWNLOAD >>> (PDF/14pages/318kb)
<PART 2> Personal use of increasingly available computers and IT devices 
 DOWNLOAD >>> (PDF/9pages/155kb)
<PART 3> Prospects for digital and IT consumption to change North Korean society
DOWNLOAD >>>  (PDF/6pages/172kb)

Rimjin-gang : The Domestic Attitudes towards the Missile Launch and Nuclear Test, 2006 (Oct - Nov/2006)

<PART 1> The Voice of the North Korean People
The Domestic Attitudes towards the Missile Launch and Nuclear Test, 2006
DOWNLOAD >>> (PDF/18pages/247kb)
<PART 2 > The Voice of the North Korean People
< "Dear General Has Hidden All" > < A Nuclear Test where No One Dies>
 DOWNLOAD >>> (PDF/11pages/211kb)  
<PART 3 > The Voice of the North Korean People
< "The People Wouldn't Have Known Why It Was" ><Malnutrition of Soldiers Continue to Grow><The "Special Nuke" Fired for the Recognition of Our Country>
DOWNLOAD >>> (PDF/5pages/348kb)  

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