Map of the Samjiyeon area

◆Electric heaters used to dry cement

Another reporting partner residing in Yanggang Province described the situation as follows.

"Electric heating coils are being used to dry the cement in construction sites in Samjiyeon. This is because winter will arrive soon and the cement will freeze if it is not dried quickly.”

Our partner also reported that crackdowns on the illegal use of electricity have become harsher.

"Residents of Hyesan City, who had been receiving electricity in exchange for bribes to government officials responsible for electricity distribution, were caught and sent to labor camps for three months. The officials at the electricity distribution office were also punished.”

For over a year, residents outside the city have continued to provide funds, materials, and their labor to the Samjiyeon construction project.

"Some people complain and ask if only Samjiyeon residents are considered human beings. Discontent is on the rise," said the reporting partner.