Female traders at Hyesan market in Yanggang Province where the products from Kaesung Industrial Complex had been traded in a large volume. Taken by ASIAPRESS in August, 2103.



It is reported that the North Korean government unlawfully started the operation of Kaesung Industrail Complex. It makes a large volume of textile products which are distributed to all over the country for sale. The reporting partners in North Korea reported that the individual middle men distribute the products and they are quite popular.  (Kang Ji-won/ISHIMARU Jiro)

A couple of partners investigated the domestic distribution channel for the products from the Complex through the meetings with textile middlemen.

Partner ‘A’ said “The products made from the complex are sold at the market. They used to operate the factories to meet the demands from China after the South Korean companies evacuated from the complex. But as the economic sanction made hard for the North to export, the goods became to be sold at the domestic market. The products used to be mostly underwear until the last fall and were sold at high price. (Now) All the kinds of inner wear including socks, but except gloves and hats, are available at the markets.”

South Korean media reported that the North is secretly operating a clothing factory owned by a south Korean company. Regarding the report, the North through ‘Woori Minjogkiri,’ a propaganda media targeting the South, insisted that they have every right to do whatever they want in the industrial complex. By saying “The factories in the complex will be vigorously operated,” they, manifestly, admitted their unilateral reoperation of the complex.

According to ‘A,’ the manufactured goods are sold without any logos or brands, just called “Complex Products.” The products are not distributed to other regions by organizations or companies, but by individuals, called ‘Donju.’ They carry the products from Kaesung where the complex is located to the wholesaler in Sariwon area. The wholesaler distributes the products to Hyesan, Chongjin, Kimchaek and Hamheung using container trucks.
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