Photo 8

The checkpoint viewed through a telescopic lens. Border guards in camouflage uniforms and soldiers in khaki military uniforms wearing armbands check the travel certificates of each passenger. The border area is heavily controlled. Sakju County, North Pyongan Province.

Photo 9

The border guard makes a phone call. It looks like there are sandbags to the sides. The structure in front is a “stake-out” guard post- built partially underground. Sakju County, North Pyongan Province.

Photo 10

Straw stacked in a wheat field following a harvest. News of bad harvests has been coming from all over the country this year. Near Manpo City, Jagang Province.

Photo 11

The top of Mt. Baekdu, as seen from the Chinese side. Across, on the right side, is North Korea.

Photo 12

Looking at the North Korean side through a telescopic lens, human figures can be clearly seen. One can even see a large satellite dish.
Heaven Lake at the top of Mount Baekdu.

Editor’s notes on North Korean reporters

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