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By the Editorial Staff R_making_05The Safety of Reporters We are often asked, "Isn't this dangerous for the reporters?" When thinking about the situation in North Korea today, the only answer we can give is, "Of course. It is extremely dangerous." In a country whose authorities strictly regulate what people see, hear, say, and where they move, these reporters cannot do what they do without risking their lives.



R_making_0012Furthermore, North Korean authorities would most likely view as espionage or treason the reporters' spiriting of secretly taken videos and reports outside North Korean borders for distribution to the outside world.


Reporters take these risks because they have a strong will to let the world know the reality in North Korea and inspire a desire to improve the situation there.
R_NK_011FWe believe that the more Rimjin-gang grows, the more it will gain readers around the world ? and as knowledge of the reality of North Korea spreads, the reaction from the North Korean administration will gradually grow harsher.



There is no doubt that the reports and images that will be published here will be labeled "conspiracy," "fabrication," and "espionage." R_making_0088The Rimjin-gang editing team may be accused of acting as an "anti-North Korean organization maneuvered by the Japan-US Imperialist Powers." However, we will not budge in our stance and we will continue our journalistic activities as always.
The facts are what are important to us. As North Korean authorities raise their voices in accusation it will provide evidence that the new information from North Korea we have reported contains truth. For our journalists, hearing the strong reactions of the North Korean authorities will be like receiving a medal of honor. We do not mind receiving harsh criticisms and verbal attacks from the authorities of North Korea, but what we are

worried about is the safety of the reporters inside North Korea. North Korean authorities may grow desperate to find and capture these reporters. R_nk_0407_051Therefore, we on the outside are doing everything in our power to maintain their safety. Beyond changing their, articles are written carefully so as not to provide any information that will endanger the reporters.


For these reasons, information about the locations and times of events may be camouflaged to the extent that it will not falsify the more substantive content of the article. Even then, we cannot say that their safety is 100 percent protected. R_nk_030FThus we leave it up to the reporters themselves to decide whether they want to continue or not. "Even if we are eventually caught, I believe that we will not regret what we've done. No matter how much I think about it, we are working for justice." These are the words of our lead reporter, Lee Jun. However, if there is a situation in which our reporters are detained because of their activities as journalists and are in danger, the Rimjin-gang editing team will do everything in its power to save our reporters.


R_rimjingang_NK_210We want to make clear that we have every intention to bring together journalists from around the globe, along with people concerned about the citizens of North Korea and human rights organiza tions, to fight against



North Korean authorities. R_nk_rimjingang108The main constituents of Rimjin-gang are the citizens of North Korea who have had their freedom of expression completely taken away from them. Since such people are our reporters, there are some sections in the reports that show lack of experience. However, as the saying goes, "The citizen's heart is the heart of the heavens."



We believe we will be able to find the voice of the nation, which will provide the strength to change North Korean society. We would also like to point out that in a society where citizens cannot openly express their feelings and thoughts, people are beginning to express their true feelings through the efforts of the reporters in North Korea. The deep prayers of the North Koreans permeate each article published in Rimjin-gang. We hope that the reader will be able to hear their prayers through these articles. Rimjin-gang Editorial Staff <01> <02> <03>

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