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<Interview with N.Korean People> Defection of Thae Yong-ho, the minister at NK mission in London, is “natural”

ASIA PRESS, amid of flow of news from South Korean media, covering the defection of Thae Yong-ho, minister of North’s mission at London, asked opinions from reporting partners in North Korea. The news was sent to them via e-mail in advance. A telephone interview was made with a middle aged female reporter in Northern area of North Korea on August 19…

Women, selling rice from China, are eating noodles. Japanese brand “Akita Komachi” is found on a packing paper. Taken at a northern border town on October 2013. (ASIA PRESS)

<Inside N.Korea> Is Economic Sanction Really Effective? Searching Effect from Retail Price Index

The UN Security Council adopted ‘Resolution 2270 (which sanctions North Korea)’ on March 2, in regards to the nuclear test and ballistic missile launching by Kim Jong-un regime. It is regarded the most severe sanction. China, the biggest trading partner with North Korea, promised that they would observe earnestly the resolution. ASIA PRESS reports the effects of international sanction on North Korea by research on markets at various locations in the country. The following reports are on recent price trend compared to the ones before the nuclear test. (ISHIMARU Jiro)

A meeting for political study by the Party at a local town. It was about requiring loyalty to Kim Jong-un. Taken in summer of 2013, ASIAPRESS

<Inside N.Korea> Government Evaluation of 70 Day-Battle Leads to Nervous Officials – Punishment of Poor Achievement and Secret Drinking,

The Worker`s Party Congress, having caused strain and exhaustion for North Koreans, ended on May 9. It is probable that some officials may face severe punishment and ideological strife at Saenghwal Chonghwa (monitored meeting to criticize each other). The residents also live in gloomy atmosphere. Followings are reports from reporting partners in North Korea…