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<Photo Report on N.Korea> Soldier’s Hard Life 5. Poorly Nourished Young Soldiers: Soldiers’ hunger started from 80’s. (4 Photos)

* Hunger of soldiers started from 80’s. Lee Sang-bong, a defector from North Korea in Japan said: “Soldiers ate their fill until around 1975. Meal was composed of 800gram of half of rice and mixed grains with egg and even meat. Soldiers were of sturdier build than civilians…

<Photo Report on N.Korea> Latest Textbooks for N.Korean Middle & High School Students; Idolization of Kim Jong-un in all subjects

ASIA PRESS acquired textbooks that are currently used at middle and high school of North Korea. The total copies are 77, which were secretly carried out of North Korea through an acquaintance there by a North Korean defector in Seoul. ASIA PRESS digitized all the contents of 75 except two natural science textbooks…

Meeting for political study by Worker’s Party at a local town. It was for demanding loyalty to kim Jong-un. Taken in the summer of 2013 by ASIAPRESS

<Inside N.Korea> DPRK high-ranking state officials ordered to attend seminar against escaping the country: frequent escapes concern Kim regime

It is revealed that the State Security Department, the secret police of North Korea, held seminar for the high officials privately, warning them of escaping North Korea. The reporting partner of Asia Press reported the details of the seminar…

Women, selling rice from China, are eating noodles. Japanese brand “Akita Komachi” is found on a packing paper. Taken at a northern border town on October 2013. (ASIA PRESS)

<Inside N.Korea> Is Economic Sanction Really Effective? Searching Effect from Retail Price Index

The UN Security Council adopted ‘Resolution 2270 (which sanctions North Korea)’ on March 2, in regards to the nuclear test and ballistic missile launching by Kim Jong-un regime. It is regarded the most severe sanction. China, the biggest trading partner with North Korea, promised that they would observe earnestly the resolution. ASIA PRESS reports the effects of international sanction on North Korea by research on markets at various locations in the country. The following reports are on recent price trend compared to the ones before the nuclear test. (ISHIMARU Jiro)

A meeting for political study by the Party at a local town. It was about requiring loyalty to Kim Jong-un. Taken in summer of 2013, ASIAPRESS

<Inside N.Korea> Government Evaluation of 70 Day-Battle Leads to Nervous Officials – Punishment of Poor Achievement and Secret Drinking,

The Worker`s Party Congress, having caused strain and exhaustion for North Koreans, ended on May 9. It is probable that some officials may face severe punishment and ideological strife at Saenghwal Chonghwa (monitored meeting to criticize each other). The residents also live in gloomy atmosphere. Followings are reports from reporting partners in North Korea…

Soldiers are deployed for vigilance, which is familiar sight in North Korea. Taken by Kim Dong-cheol at Pyongsung City of South Pyongan Province on June 2010. (ASIA PRESS)

<Inside N.Korea>Strict Separation of Attendees for Worker`s Party Congress  Cell phone prohibited to keep itinerary confidential

“The 7th Worker’s Party congress,” is the biggest fair since the inauguration of Kim Jong-un regime. It is reported that information about the congress is strictly kept confidential; the participants of the congress were prohibited from having a cell phone, being left without any notice about the itinerary…

North Korean staff singing during a show. They live together in a nearby apartment. Taken by ASIA PRESS in Yanji City, Jilin Province, China on July 2013.

Kim Jong-un’s Furious Response to the Defection of 13 Restaurant staff

On April 8, the South Korean Ministry of Unification announced that 13 North Koreans, a manager and 12 employees of a North Korean restaurant, had defected from the DPRK and requested asylum in South Korea. There have been number of group defections of by sea or overland from North Korea. Mostly those groups were composed of their families. It is rare to see mass defections when the group is comprised of unrelated individuals…

People who were mobilized for river improvement are gleaning stones. Taken by ASIA PRESS at a local city of northern area on June 2013

<Photo Report> People are exploited in mobilized labor (2) Recorded women’s complaining voices; “This is all free labor,” “Everything is taken by the high ranks”

The mobilized labor is performed by the unit of work place and school. Even though the work is very bothersome, people still have to participate in order not to be criticized. Blunt complaining voices are being heard from the video taken by our reporting partners….