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The rice shown in the above picture is imported from China. When asked about the cost, the vendors reply in Chinese currency. (Taken by Asia Press on October 2013)

N.Korean People lament, “We’ll be done if Chinese enforce the sanctions”

International society is raising the voice to impose more severe sanctions on North Korea as they performed 4th nuclear test and hinted on launching a satellite rocket launching in the coming weeks.
It is said that around 90% of international trade of North Korea is made with China. How much does China have influence on the everyday life of ordinary North Koreans? We contacted couple of reporting partners in North Korea on the end of January…

Mobilized women to glean composts in Mid North Korea (Taken by Kim Dong-cheol/ mid January2015/ASIAPRESS)

-30C, Bitter Coldness! How do the ordinary people in N.Korea survive the bitter cold? Enforced composts gleaning! Fire wood and coal saving emphasized!

The bitter cold which overwhelmed East Asia has frozen Japan and Korean Peninsula. Sometimes the thermometer indicates less than -30c in some parts of Yanggang Province in North Korea. Then how can the ordinary North Koreans survive the bitter cold? We talked with a resident in northern part of North Hamkyung Province through mobile phone on January 25.

Stopped trackless trolley. Slogan, "I love my mother country the most!" on the trolley. (Pyongsong city, South Pyongan Province: September 2013. Taken by our Team "Mindeulle") ASIAPRESS

<Interview with N.Koreans> “Is it any better in Kim Jong-un Era? Not at all! Preferential treatment is given to the Party officials by sacrificing the needs of the residents in the regions outside of Pyongyang!”

2015/December/13 Edit by KANG Ji-won, defector reporter, Rimjin-gang <This article first appeared in the Korean and Japanese edition of Rimjin-gang on October 2015> The North Korean media are day by day propagating the achievements...