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Densely packed houses in a neighborhood in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province. This photo was taken from the Chinese side of the Amrok-gang (Yalu River). [May. 2014]  ASIAPRESS

Growing Illegal Housing Market in N.Korea

[2014/Jul/09] The majority of all houses are state property, belonging to the social collective unit. As such, selling, renting, and collecting any kind of financial reward on such properties is forbidden. However, in recent years, the state is no longer able to supply houses to fill the people’s demands.

A small placard produced by Chinese security, posted at a shop in Changbai. It reads, "Refuse drugs. Join the drug crackdowns" (May/2014) ASIAPRESS

<PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border [PART2]China Frustrated With Drug Smuggling From N.Korea

[2014/Jun/12] Border security controls are being tightened on both sides of the river. On the Chinese side, the installation of a wire fence was completed several years ago.
“Now, China is more cautious about drugs being trafficked from North Korea than defections,”
an ethnic Korean man in Chinese Changbai Prefecture explained, regarding the recent increase of drug smuggling in the area.

In Hyesan, it looked as if the wire fence was going to be installed along the levee. The building that resembles a white wall is a wooden barrier for monitoring the movement of residents approaching the river. Armed border guards check the identification of local people moving back and forth washing clothes in the river. (Hyegang-dong) ASIAPRESS

<PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border [PART1]Things Still Tense in Border River Area After Purge of Jang Song-taek

[2014/Jun/10] The North Korea Reporting Team travelled to the Sino – North Korea border zone, along the Amrok-gang (Yalu River), in the middle of May. Photos taken during the trip show things are still tense in the area, with border controls tightened, following the purge of Jang Song-taek. The Team also carried out reporting in this area in April.

This picture is taken from raw video footage captured in Sosong District, Pyongyang in the summer of 2006. Female students are assembled near the Three Revolution Exhibition museum to practice for a military parade in honor of Kim Jong-il's birthday. Each student is wearing a white shoulder-cloth inscribed with a consecutive number. (Lee Jun / Pyongyang / August 2006) ASIAPRESS

The Truth Behind N.Korea’s Military Parades

[2014/May/11] Participation in public marches is used to gauge citizens’ loyalty to the leadership – To many foreigners, North Korea evokes images of never-ending military parades – countless lines of soldiers goose-stepping ardently in Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung Square, displaying absolute loyalty to their leader Kim Jong-un. However, often overlooked….

A pig tied to the back of a bicycle. This man appeared to be taking the pig to the city to sell and earn some money. This kind of trading business is called "Taegori" in North Korea.(2010. South Pyongan Province. Taken by Kim Dong-cheol.)ASIAPRESS

Highly Favored, But Hard to Procure, Pork a Rare Treat in N.Korea

[2014/May/06] The North Korean public markets sell a variety of meats: pork, chicken, rabbit, mutton, turkey, dog and duck. Pork in particular, packed with vital fat and protein, which the majority of North Korean people chronically lack, is is highly favored as a cheap and nutritious food. The following pictures, documenting how pork is prepared, sold and circulated…..

A North Korean propaganda poster issued in 2010 trumpets the state agricultural improvements with the slogan "Increase farming production!" through "The policy for the seed revolution, double-cropping, the potato farming revolution and soybean planting".

Farmers Starve in N.Korea – Excessive Seizure of Rice For The Military Exacerbates The Rural Food Shortage

[2014/Apr/22] Kim Jong-un announced in his 2014 New Year Address that agriculture should be one of the most important agenda for the country….
“This year we should keep up agriculture as a major thrust of our effort in the struggle for economic construction and improving the people’s standard of living, and concentrate all our efforts …

A Trading truck crossing the border bridge to enter North Korea. ASIAPRESS

<PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border: [PART3]Tensions High In The Border City As A Special Team is Dispatched For Crackdowns

[2014/Apr/20] At the beginning of this year, a special team was dispatched from Pyongyang, tasked to suppress the smuggling and defections carrying on in the area. Currently, Hyesan is under tight security control. Surveillance on local residents will continue at least until the Day of The Sun (the birthday of the late leader Kim Il-sung, the most important celebration day in North Korea).

Wiyeon-dong of Hyesan City, viewed from Changbai, China. The five-floor apartment on the right is newly built, and the slogan hanging from the balcony reads "Happiness of the Leader", "Happiness of the Sun", and "Happiness of the General", which legitimize the three-generation power succession as happiness for the country and people. (Taken from Chinese side of the river. Changbai, Jilin. 21/March/2014)ASIAPRESS

<PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border: [PART2]A Sign of Late Spring In the Border Town of Hyesan

[2014/Apr/19] Hyesan is a northern border city of North Korea, and the capital of Ryanggang Province. In this part of North Korea the temperature can drop to -30C (= -22F) in midwinter. Across the Amrok-gang (Yalu River), opposite Hyesan, sits China’s Changbai Korean Autonomous County of Jilin Province. Approaching the end of the March, parts of the usually thick ice covering …