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(REFERENCE PHOTO) Chinese residents in Pyongyang are concentrated in the Taesong District. This photo is taken at the entrance of the Ragwon Subway station in the Taesong District. (Taken by Gu Gwang-ho, Jun. 2011) ASIAPRESS

Interview with a Trader from Pyongyang (PART2)

[2015/Mar/10] It is reported that, since this summer [summer 2014], there have been series of purges of Party cadres and military ranking officials. A phone interview with a trader from Pyongyang who has recently traveled to a Sino-North Korean border town offers more detailed information about the ongoing purges and crackdowns in North Korea. The interview was made on 25 November, 2014….

(REFERENCE PHOTO) Chinise authorities have been frustrated with drug smuggling from North Korea. A small placard produced by Chinese security, posted at a shop in Changbai, Sino - North Korea border town. It reads, "Refuse drugs. Join the crackdowns". (May/2014- Changbai/China) ASIAPRESS

N.Korean Drug Trade Spreads to Ordinary Citizens (PART1)

[2015/Jan/12] The rapid spread of stimulant drugs in North Korea is becoming a serious social problem in the reclusive state. The problem has reached the point where even police officers and members of the state security department are involved in both the dealing and use of illegal narcotics….

Densely packed houses in a neighborhood in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province. This photo was taken from the Chinese side of the Amrok-gang (Yalu River). [May. 2014]  ASIAPRESS

Growing Illegal Housing Market in N.Korea

[2014/Jul/09] The majority of all houses are state property, belonging to the social collective unit. As such, selling, renting, and collecting any kind of financial reward on such properties is forbidden. However, in recent years, the state is no longer able to supply houses to fill the people’s demands.