Kim Jong-un who, unlike his predecessors, lacks leadership has kept reckless purge on high ranking officials to overcome his complex since his takeover of the power. However, the ordinary people are recently affected as well.

Aforementioned A testified “A man while drinking with friends said ‘the general (Kim Jong-un), a young kid, really know anything?’ and then one jerk informed on him. Two families disappeared instantly. There was a censorship on the workplace they worked and the leading official there was purged. It was a really fuss!”

Criticism on “Killing Brother” may spread in North Korea

Information on the murder of Kim Jong-nam will flow into North Korea from China. The South Korean government started speaking over loudspeakers to inform the murder at the Demilitarized Zone.

Kim Jong-un was criticized morally on the execution of his uncle, Jang Sung-thack in December 2013. While the detail of the killing is not cleared yet, the incident will add the image of brother killer to Kim Jong-un in North Korea. As the ruler, his legitimacy will be greatly damaged.

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