An old man is diligently fixing a plastic product. I wonder how much he manages to earns. June 2013, in a northern part of North Korea. (ASIAPRESS)


June 2013, a local city in a northern part of North Korea.

A skinny old man was siting on the street and fixing a plastic product.  He lamented “the tiny amount of food ration is not enough to survive.”  The social welfare system is totally debilitated.  He tries to earn cash out of fixing products at a stall.

Reporter: How much do you earn in a day?
Man: Not so much.

Reporter: But you still get food ration, right?
Man: I hardly get one.

Reporter: How much food ration can you get a per month?
Man: I do not know.  It is not enough to feed myself.
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The old woman lives with her son who works as a teacher. Since there is no food ration, she sells cigarette whole day long on a street. She often faces a crackdown by police. They say “You bitch, I’m gonna confiscate them.” September 2008, Haeju City, South Hwanghae Province. Taken by SimUi-chun.


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