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  1. A young couple dressed up in a wedding costume drove right up to the park in a black Mercedes to take their wedding picture. They seemed to be children of privileged or high-ranking officials. (Taesong District, Pyongyang. June, 2011. Taken by Gu Gwang-ho (C)ASIAPRESS

    〈Photo Report 3〉Widening Gaps – The Privileged Enjoy a Luxurious Life And the Homeless Suffer Harsh Days

    [2011/Dec/15] Our country’s TV news often shows a gap between the rich and the poor in the capitalist c countries, lashing out with militant slogans, and always ends up in defending the superiority of socialism.

  2. Women street vendors sitting in a line, selling goods in the area between apartment buildings. It is illegal to do this and the local authorities often made crackdowns and forcibly confiscated all goods and charged fines. But since the people's backlash was provoked, the team just patrols around and disperses them but confiscation measures are not taken these days. (Moranbong District, Pyongyang. June, 2011. Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C)ASIAPRESS

    〈Photo Report -2〉Unauthorized Street Vendors (Pyongyang)

    [2011/Dec/12] People have become used to chronic delays of, or a cessation of, food rations. This has become routine for many years under the harsh economic situation.

  3. The entrance of the Moran market. The gate opens at three o'clock in the afternoon. Large bags that people carry seemed filled with the goods they sell.(Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C) ASIAPRESS

    〈Photo Report -1〉Public Market – The Moran Market (Pyongyang)

    [2011/Oct/16] I am from Pyongyang. Every year, a large number of foreigners visit this city for business and sightseeing. Are they allowed to see all parts of Pyongyang?

  4. The outskirts of Hyesan, Ryanggang Province in northern North Korea. The river Amrok-gang (called Yalu in Chinese) that forms the border between Changbai Korean Autonomous County in Jilin Province of China and North Korea is pictured. Both sides used to be very active with trade activities. However, customs have remained closed since the 19th, after Kim Jong-il's death. Photo taken from the Chinese side of the river. (July, 2010. Photo by Lee Jin-su)  (C) ASIAPRESS

    Cold Response from Residents to Chairman Kim Jong-il’s Death ? Steep Jump in Food Prices

    [2011/Dec/20] Sources from inside North Korea report that residents of North Korea reacted coldly to the news of Kim Jong-il’s death….

  5. Rice displayed in the market. Chinese rice can be found here, but people prefer domestic rice and corn which is rather expensive. (Taken by Kim Dong-cheol. January 2011, suburb of Pyongyang) (C)ASIAPRESS

    Exemplary-contributors Praised At The Public Notice-board

    [2011/Sep/19] Food taken from the farmer’s village goes to the market by the hands of Tegori merchants, as I wrote in the previous article. Then the food goes to retail sellers, before reaching the common people.

  6. Bags filled with food on the bicycles of tegori merchants. Sometime a bicycle piles up more than 80 kilograms (=176 lb) of food or goods. (March, 2011. North Pyongan Province; Taken by Kim Dong-cheol) (C)ASIAPRESS

    The Government Launches Massive Campaign of Seizing Rice For The Military

  7. A young cadet tells Kim about food conditions of his troop in Kim's secret video interview. (March 2011, North Pyongan Province, by Kim Dong-cheol.) (C)ASIAPRESS

    The Testimony of a Starving Soldier: “Half of us are malnourished”

  8. A homeless man aged 50 in a coal-mining town in North Pyongan Province. He lost both job and home a year ago. He earns a living by collecting pieces of coal on the streets and selling them. There is no one in my country who talks to homeless people. After I spoke with him in friendly manner, he started to cry. (Taken by Kim dong-cheol. February 2011, North Pyongan Province) (C) ASIAPRESS

    “Unemployment” Increases While The State Growls Socialism

  9. Homeless Kotchebi girls hang around the market all day begging for food. (January. 2011. North Pyongan Province, by Kim Dong-cheol. (January. 2011. North Pyongan Province, by KimDong-cheol) (C)ASIAPRESS

    N.Korea Food Shortage: Not a matter of absolute shortage, a matter of distribution and access – 2

  10. N.Korea Food Shortage: Not a matter of absolute shortage, a matter of distribution and access -1

  11. Rimjin-gang - Periodic Survey - Latest Price List (2011/June 8 – 14)

  12. Hyperinflation and Worsening Food Supplies to The Troops

  13. A 23 year-old homeless woman found dead

  14. PHOTO by Kim Dong-cheol(2010/Jan)

    Official Decree – Redenomination – Currency Exchange

  15. The emaciated young soldier squatting here is collecting pieces of stolen corn from a cooperative farm. (September 2008, by Chang Jeong-gil)

    Chang Jeong-gil on Pyongyang’s Kangdong County

  16. Rimjin-gang – N.Korean reporter, LEE Jun Story – ASIAPRESS

  17. N.Korea : Starving 23 year-old Homeless Woman (Rimjin-gang/ASIAPRESS)


Chongjin, North Hamkyung Province. September, 2013  ASIAPRESS N.Korea Market Survey Reveals Basic Food Price Hike PHOTO1 N.Korea IT Report – PART1: Kids Master Emoticons and Movies with Mobile phones A bottle of domestic "penicillin", made at the Suncheon medical factory. ASIAPRESS Embezzled UN Aid Circulates in N.Korean Underground – End to Free Healthcare, Illegal Abortions Widespread A political assembly held by a KWP regional branch that took place a half year before the purge of Jang Song-thaek. The ranking officials discussed and addressed the people's allegiance and dedications to Kim Jong-un. (Summer/2013/ASIAPRESS) Possible Firing Squad Executions Punish Violators of “Kim Jong-un’s Instructions” This picture is taken from raw video footage captured in Sosong District, Pyongyang in the summer of 2006. Female students are assembled near the Three Revolution Exhibition museum to practice for a military parade in honor of Kim Jong-il's birthday. Each student is wearing a white shoulder-cloth inscribed with a consecutive number. (Lee Jun / Pyongyang / August 2006) ASIAPRESS The Truth Behind N.Korea’s Military Parades 〈Photo Report- 6 (a)〉 The Government’s Command is for a “Strong and Prosperous Nation” — but Workers Tired Out at Pyongyang Construction Sites to Build 100,000 Apartments

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