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  1. A Trading truck crossing the border bridge to enter North Korea. ASIAPRESS

    <PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border: [PART3]Tensions High In The Border City As A Special Team is Dispatched For Crackdowns

    [2014/Apr/20] At the beginning of this year, a special team was dispatched from Pyongyang, tasked to suppress the smuggling and defections carrying on in the area. Currently, Hyesan is under tight security control. Surveillance on local residents will continue at least until the Day of The Sun (the birthday of the late leader Kim Il-sung, the most important celebration day in North Korea).

  2. Wiyeon-dong of Hyesan City, viewed from Changbai, China. The five-floor apartment on the right is newly built, and the slogan hanging from the balcony reads "Happiness of the Leader", "Happiness of the Sun", and "Happiness of the General", which legitimize the three-generation power succession as happiness for the country and people. (Taken from Chinese side of the river. Changbai, Jilin. 21/March/2014)ASIAPRESS

    <PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border: [PART2]A Sign of Late Spring In the Border Town of Hyesan

    [2014/Apr/19] Hyesan is a northern border city of North Korea, and the capital of Ryanggang Province. In this part of North Korea the temperature can drop to -30C (= -22F) in midwinter. Across the Amrok-gang (Yalu River), opposite Hyesan, sits China’s Changbai Korean Autonomous County of Jilin Province. Approaching the end of the March, parts of the usually thick ice covering …

  3. A wire fence in the upstream area of the Amrok-gang (Yalu River), installed by the Chinese border authorities. It has been installed to prevent smuggling and defection.ASIAPRESS

    <PHOTO REPORT>Sino – N.Korea Border [PART1]Wire Fence Installed Upstream on the Amrok-gang (Yalu River)

    [2014/Apr/18] Wire Fence Installed Upstream on the Amrok-gang (Yalu River) -A Chinese staff member of the ASIAPRESS North Korea Reporting Team recently traveled to the upstream area of the Amrok-gang (Yalu River)….

  4. Two university students in the standard white shirt and red tie. Pinned to their chest a red badge of the North Korean leaders and the school seal. (Photo taken in a regional city in North Korea. June, 2013) ASIAPRESS

    University Students Are Bored With Formal Uniforms – Women Wearing Shorter Skirts As A Sign of “Rebellion”

    [2014/Apr/16] Work wear gradually becoming students’ uniform due to frequent calls for mobilized labor and military drills – North Korean university students are obliged to wear a school uniform, this consists of a white shirt, necktie and suit for men and a two-piece suit or Korean traditional chima jeogori, for women….

  5. A picture issued by the North Korean state-run media as the scene of the arrest of former Vice Chairman of National Defense Commission, Jang Song-thaek at the Korean Workers' Party Politburo expanded meeting on Dec.2013. The series of purges related to Jang continues unabated. (A screen grab from North Korean state-run KCTV)

    Possible Further Executions Related to Jang Song-taek Carried Out

    [2014/Apr/09] including the husband of Jang’s niece, and two actresses are said to have been executed – ASIAPRESS North Korea Reporting Team has obtained information pointing to the firing squad executions of kin and persons affiliated to…

  6. A female porter pulls a handcart loaded with overflowing sacks. (In front of Hyesan Railway Station. Hyesan, Ryanggang Province. October, 2013) ASIAPRESS

    The Handcart Porter Is Now an Indispensable Business

  7. He-Ping Railway, Nanpingzhen: trains to North Korea set off from this point. The mountains in the background of the photo are in North Korea. (August, 2013)ASIAPRESS

    The Changing Face of the Tuman-gang (Tumen River) – PART 2

  8. One of many construction sites of the high-speed railway connecting central Jilin to Hunchun. (Photo taken in Tumen, Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province, China) ASIAPRESS

    The Changing Face of the Tuman-gang (Tumen River) – PART 1

  9. A woman, ostensibly a peddler, humping a huge khaki backpack. It is mostly women who engage in such informal business in North Korea. (Sinuiju Station, North Pyongan Province. November. 2012.) ASIAPRESS

    Peddlers Carrying the Future of N.Korea on Their Backs

  10. Some textbooks sold by the roadside street-vendor: "Secret of the mind", "Exercise book (Q&A) on cerebral thrombosis", "Some ideas for teaching singing and dancing", and "Economic contracts" can be seen in this picture. (Taken in a northern border town of North Korea.) ASIAPRESS

    Secondhand Bookstalls Still Active in N.Korea

  11. The North Korean state TV airs the call for citizens to participate in voting for the Supreme People's Assembly election on 9th March, urging people "We all participate in the election for the deputy of the Supreme People's Assembly, and consolidate our revolutionary sovereignty". (A screen grab from KCTV)

    Polling Stations Under 24 Hour Surveillance As The Station’s Notice Boards Vandalised

  12. Jang's execution by firing squad was carried out immediately after the tribunal. (PHOTO: Rodong Sinmun;13/Dec/2013)

    Arrest, Displacement and Suicide – The Purge of Jang’s Affiliated Cadres Continues

  13. A coil of the dried "artificial meat" known asinjokogi. For the preparation of cooking, it should be steeped in water for about half an hour at least until it soaks up enough water and becomes soft. Our North Korean reporter Kim Dong-cheol smuggled it out to China in 2011.ASIAPRESS

    “Artificial Meat” – A Vital Source of Protein For the People

  14. Mickey Mouse and Minnie on the stage at the Moranbong band show. The band is composed of young women. It is said the band was newly formed under the considerable prodding of Kim Jong-un. Among the songs to garner applause from the Dear Comrade, were some American songs performed by mini-skirt clad singers. (June.2012 PHOTO: KCNA)

    Is Mickey Mouse Becoming Popular in N.Korea?

  15. An oxcart at the roadside. Behind the ox, the slogan reading "Forward toward the future with full of courage" can be seen. (Taken by our reporting partner in South Pyongan Province, March 2013.) ASIAPRESS

    Cows are the Property of the State – Severe Punishment For Unauthorized Slaughtering

  16. Two Women collecting coal fallen off the back of trucks. (South Pyongan Province, March 2013) ASIAPRESS

    People Struggle To Collect Firewood for Winter

  17. A homeless kotchebi boy sits near the entrance of the marketplace in Pyongsong, South Pyongan Province. He was begging for food and money. His legs were supposedly amputated by an accident. (March 2013)  ASIAPRESS

    More Kotchebi Homeless Children Under the Kim Jong-un Regime

  18. (REFERENCE PHOTO) An old farming woman picks up the rumps from the ears of dried corn in a post-harvest field, to ease her family's food condition. (In a village near the city of Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province. September. 2008. Taken by Shim Ui-chun)  ASIAPRESS

    Compulsory Collection of Harvest for Military Supply – Farmers’ Discontent Growing

  19. A picture issued by the North Korean State run media as the scene of the arrest of former Vice Chairman of National Defense Commission, Jang Song-thaek at the KWP Politburo expanded meeting. (PHOTO: A screen grab from KCTV.)

    N.Korean Authorities Distribute Jang Song-taek “Purge List” to Local Officials

  20. Kim Jong-un’s Starving Soldiers – “Just a spoonful of oil for me…” A soldier pleads for grace

  21. Apartment buildings in Rakrang, the south-west district of Pyongyang. In the narrow street next to the apartment people gather around to buy and sell various items. (Photo taken by Lee Jun, 2007, August) ASIAPRESS

    “Our Life in Pyongyang Is Not So Easy As You Imagine” – Even in the highest quality apartments in Pyongyang running water is irregular and unreliable

  22. (REFERENCE PHOTO) Hyesan City, Ryanggang Province lies above the Amrok-gang(Yalu River). The border town is known as a junction for smuggling and defection. The photo was taken from Chinese side in June. 2010. ASIAPRESS

    Massive “Censorship Unit” Dispatched to Border Town – Presumably To Prevent Escapes Related to the Jang Song-taek Purge

  23. The picture is a captured image from the video footage taken in the northern city of North Korea. In the marketplace, the Chinese currency 'renminbi' is used, which is illegal according to the law. Our reporting partner told that the authorities are imposing strong measures to prohibit the use of Chinese renminbi and make frequent crackdowns, especially since last December. (October. 2013) ASIAPRESS

    Heavy Restrictions Continues – People’s Discontent Pervades

  24. The North Korean calendar of 2014 does not mark Kim Jong-un's birthday, 8 January, as a national holiday. It is left blank, thus marking it as an ordinary day.

    Kim Jong-un’s Birthday Not Marked on the 2014 Calendar

  25. This article in Rodong Sinmun, the official mouth organ of KWP, impeaches the "crimes of Jang Song-thaek and his gangs". Jang was sentenced to death by firing squad at the special military tribunal of the DPRK Ministry of State Security on 12th December. His execution was carried out immediately after this tribunal. (PHOTO: Rodong Sinmun;13/Dec/2013 )

    “Jang Song-taek Was Human Scum” – Massive Campaign by the N.Korean Authorities

  26. Jang Song-thaek sentenced to the death penalty at the special military tribunal of the DPRK Ministry of State Security on 12th December. (Dec/2013 - PHOTO:Rodong Sinmun)

    “Execution Was Not Right” – People’s Reaction on the Purge of Jang Song-taek

  27. The national meeting of police station chiefs held in Pyongyang on 23 November. Kim Jong-un(Center) and Jang Song-thaek(Rightmost).It is said that the execution of police officers took place after this meeting.(Nov/2013 - PHOTO:KCNA)

    The Execution of Police Officers in November, Pyongyang – Possibly a Proactive Step towards the Purge of Jang Song-taek

  28. A group of malnourished and emaciated soldiers. They are engineering troops who move at the rear. Units engaged in construction are often undernourished. (South Pyongan Province in July, 2011,Photo by Gu Gwang-ho) (C)ASIAPRESS

    Rimjin-gang – Digital Archives

  29. The enlarged meeting of the Central Committee Politburo of the Korean Workers' Party held in Pyongyang, December 8. The North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) announced that vice chairman of the National Defense Committee, Jang Song-thaek was arrested at the this meeting. (Image captured from KCNA website)

    The Purge of Jang Song-taek – “Self-Criticism” Campaign Launched


Chongjin, North Hamkyung Province. September, 2013  ASIAPRESS N.Korea Market Survey Reveals Basic Food Price Hike PHOTO1 N.Korea IT Report – PART1: Kids Master Emoticons and Movies with Mobile phones A bottle of domestic "penicillin", made at the Suncheon medical factory. ASIAPRESS Embezzled UN Aid Circulates in N.Korean Underground – End to Free Healthcare, Illegal Abortions Widespread A political assembly held by a KWP regional branch that took place a half year before the purge of Jang Song-thaek. The ranking officials discussed and addressed the people's allegiance and dedications to Kim Jong-un. (Summer/2013/ASIAPRESS) Possible Firing Squad Executions Punish Violators of “Kim Jong-un’s Instructions” This picture is taken from raw video footage captured in Sosong District, Pyongyang in the summer of 2006. Female students are assembled near the Three Revolution Exhibition museum to practice for a military parade in honor of Kim Jong-il's birthday. Each student is wearing a white shoulder-cloth inscribed with a consecutive number. (Lee Jun / Pyongyang / August 2006) ASIAPRESS The Truth Behind N.Korea’s Military Parades 〈Photo Report- 6 (a)〉 The Government’s Command is for a “Strong and Prosperous Nation” — but Workers Tired Out at Pyongyang Construction Sites to Build 100,000 Apartments

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