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  1. <Field Report On N.Korea> Delayed Restoration of Flood Due to Cement Shortage (3 Photos)

    North Korean state media such as Rodong Shinmun report everyday that the restoration work for the flood damage at North Hamkyung Province in August is continuing smoothly. However, a reporting partner of ASIAPRESS who lives in the region of flood damage said that the restoration stalls in due to the lack of material for work…

  2. [Video Report] National bus network of the North Korean market economy

    2016/Oct/7A bus terminal at Pyongs…

  3. <Interview with N.Korean> Nuclear Test shattered Windows & People Forced to pay for Flood Damage

    From the early this year, North Korea has continued missile launching and nuclear test, which accelerates strains in the region. Internally they are holding congregations and rally to celebrate…

  4. <Inside N.Korea>Enormous Flood Damage at Tumen River Basin, Outcry over No Relief Efforts by Government

    A huge flood deprived a lot of lives at Namyang Laborer District of Onsung County in North Korea. But the authorities’ futile effort to cope with the disaster provoked outcry from the people, reported couple of reporting partners at the region…

  5. <Inside N.Korea> Hunt for defectors resumed

    It is said that the State Security Department recently resumed investigation into families with missing persons…

  6. <Interview with N.Korean People> Defection of Thae Yong-ho, the minister at NK mission in London, is “natural”

  7. <Photo Report on N.Korea> Starving People’s Army: Mother Concerns Conscripted Son

  8. <Inside N.Korea> Tighter Control of Inter-provincial Movement: Investigating corruption in Hoeryong City’s People’s Security Station

  9. <Photo Report on N.Korea> Soldier’s Hard Life 5. Poorly Nourished Young Soldiers: Soldiers’ hunger started from 80’s. (4 Photos)

  10. <Photo Report on N.Korea> N.Korean People’s Army Facing State of Starvation

  11. <Photo Report on N.Korea> Latest Textbooks for N.Korean Middle & High School Students; Idolization of Kim Jong-un in all subjects

  12. <Inside N.Korea> Enforced Mobilization of Unemployed and No-Show Employees to Farm

  13. Women from rural areas cart wood harvested in the mountains to cities. April 2005 (ASIA PRESS)

    <Inside N.Korea> Kim Jong-un Orders North Koreans Make Mountains Evergreen. -Declares 10-Year War Against Slash-and-Burn Farming

  14. [Video Report] Fleeing back alley vendors by cracking down

  15. Meeting for political study by Worker’s Party at a local town. It was for demanding loyalty to kim Jong-un. Taken in the summer of 2013 by ASIAPRESS

    <Inside N.Korea> DPRK high-ranking state officials ordered to attend seminar against escaping the country: frequent escapes concern Kim regime

  16. [Video Report] Parade Drill by Female Students

  17. [Video Report] Foot of N.Korean, Japanese Used Bike

  18. Women, selling rice from China, are eating noodles. Japanese brand “Akita Komachi” is found on a packing paper. Taken at a northern border town on October 2013. (ASIA PRESS)

    <Inside N.Korea> Is Economic Sanction Really Effective? Searching Effect from Retail Price Index

  19. A meeting for political study by the Party at a local town. It was about requiring loyalty to Kim Jong-un. Taken in summer of 2013, ASIAPRESS

    <Inside N.Korea> Government Evaluation of 70 Day-Battle Leads to Nervous Officials – Punishment of Poor Achievement and Secret Drinking,

  20. Soldiers are deployed for vigilance, which is familiar sight in North Korea. Taken by Kim Dong-cheol at Pyongsung City of South Pyongan Province on June 2010. (ASIA PRESS)

    <Inside N.Korea>Strict Separation of Attendees for Worker`s Party Congress  Cell phone prohibited to keep itinerary confidential

  21. A queue at grocery store. People in need queue when there is a special supply of ration. Taken by Shin Eui-cheon at North Hwanghae Province on September 2009. (ASIA PRESS)

    Special Gifts For the Worker`s Party Congress “Not enough.”: Only Toothpaste Set & Liquor

  22. <Interview with inside N.Korea> Ordinary N.Koreans have, “No Interest” and “No Expectations” about the Worker`s Party Congress -Only Hope Is “Opening up N.Korea”

  23. <Inside N.Korea> Period of Vigilance for Worker`s Party Congress Suddenly Extended

  24. Delinquent Juveniles Mobilized For Forced Labor

  25. North Korean staff singing during a show. They live together in a nearby apartment. Taken by ASIA PRESS in Yanji City, Jilin Province, China on July 2013.

    Kim Jong-un’s Furious Response to the Defection of 13 Restaurant staff

  26. <Inside N.Korea>Execution of Border Guard Officer Accused of Overlooking Defectors

  27. <Inside N.Korea>NK discloses arrests: “Blasting group to assassinate their top.” Maybe an intrigue!

  28. (Inside picture) Veterans of Korean War are taking pictures in front of the portraits of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. Taken by team Mindulle in August 2013 (ASIA PRESS)

    Elderly party members excluded from DPRK Party Conference… Increased surveillance of the population

  29. Labor camp detainees packed in a truck are heading for the work site in the early morning. Taken by Shim Ui-cheon at east Haeju city of South Hwanghae province in September 2008 (ASIAPRESS)

    Rising discontent as control reinforced to prepare the 7th Workers Party Conference in May… Forced labor to the runaways from their work places and coerced savings to banks…


Chongjin, North Hamkyung Province. September, 2013  ASIAPRESS N.Korea Market Survey Reveals Basic Food Price Hike PHOTO1 N.Korea IT Report – PART1: Kids Master Emoticons and Movies with Mobile phones A bottle of domestic "penicillin", made at the Suncheon medical factory. ASIAPRESS Embezzled UN Aid Circulates in N.Korean Underground – End to Free Healthcare, Illegal Abortions Widespread A political assembly held by a KWP regional branch that took place a half year before the purge of Jang Song-thaek. The ranking officials discussed and addressed the people's allegiance and dedications to Kim Jong-un. (Summer/2013/ASIAPRESS) Possible Firing Squad Executions Punish Violators of “Kim Jong-un’s Instructions” This picture is taken from raw video footage captured in Sosong District, Pyongyang in the summer of 2006. Female students are assembled near the Three Revolution Exhibition museum to practice for a military parade in honor of Kim Jong-il's birthday. Each student is wearing a white shoulder-cloth inscribed with a consecutive number. (Lee Jun / Pyongyang / August 2006) ASIAPRESS The Truth Behind N.Korea’s Military Parades 〈Photo Report- 6 (a)〉 The Government’s Command is for a “Strong and Prosperous Nation” — but Workers Tired Out at Pyongyang Construction Sites to Build 100,000 Apartments

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