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  1. [Video Report] Parade Drill by Female Students

    ◎ASIAPRESS rimjingang YOUTUBE playlistReporter, Lee Jun of ASIAPRESS, recorded a video on female students who are on a p…

  2. [Video Report] Foot of N.Korean, Japanese Used Bike

    ◎ASIAPRESS rimjingang YOUTUBE playlistSadong Distr…

  3. Women, selling rice from China, are eating noodles. Japanese brand “Akita Komachi” is found on a packing paper. Taken at a northern border town on October 2013. (ASIA PRESS)

    <Inside N.Korea> Is Economic Sanction Really Effective? Searching Effect from Retail Price Index

    The UN Security Council adopted ‘Resolution 2270 (which sanctions North Korea)’ on March 2, in regards to the nuclear test and ballistic missile launching by Kim Jong-un regime. It is regarded the most severe sanction. China, the biggest trading partner with North Korea, promised that they would observe earnestly the resolution. ASIA PRESS reports the effects of international sanction on North Korea by research on markets at various locations in the country. The following reports are on recent price trend compared to the ones before the nuclear test. (ISHIMARU Jiro)

  4. A meeting for political study by the Party at a local town. It was about requiring loyalty to Kim Jong-un. Taken in summer of 2013, ASIAPRESS

    <Inside N.Korea> Government Evaluation of 70 Day-Battle Leads to Nervous Officials – Punishment of Poor Achievement and Secret Drinking,

    The Worker`s Party Congress, having caused strain and exhaustion for North Koreans, ended on May 9. It is probable that some officials may face severe punishment and ideological strife at Saenghwal Chonghwa (monitored meeting to criticize each other). The residents also live in gloomy atmosphere. Followings are reports from reporting partners in North Korea…

  5. Soldiers are deployed for vigilance, which is familiar sight in North Korea. Taken by Kim Dong-cheol at Pyongsung City of South Pyongan Province on June 2010. (ASIA PRESS)

    <Inside N.Korea>Strict Separation of Attendees for Worker`s Party Congress  Cell phone prohibited to keep itinerary confidential

    “The 7th Worker’s Party congress,” is the biggest fair since the inauguration of Kim Jong-un regime. It is reported that information about the congress is strictly kept confidential; the participants of the congress were prohibited from having a cell phone, being left without any notice about the itinerary…

  6. A queue at grocery store. People in need queue when there is a special supply of ration. Taken by Shin Eui-cheon at North Hwanghae Province on September 2009. (ASIA PRESS)

    Special Gifts For the Worker`s Party Congress “Not enough.”: Only Toothpaste Set & Liquor

  7. <Interview with inside N.Korea> Ordinary N.Koreans have, “No Interest” and “No Expectations” about the Worker`s Party Congress -Only Hope Is “Opening up N.Korea”

  8. <Inside N.Korea> Period of Vigilance for Worker`s Party Congress Suddenly Extended

  9. Delinquent Juveniles Mobilized For Forced Labor

  10. North Korean staff singing during a show. They live together in a nearby apartment. Taken by ASIA PRESS in Yanji City, Jilin Province, China on July 2013.

    Kim Jong-un’s Furious Response to the Defection of 13 Restaurant staff

  11. <Inside N.Korea>Execution of Border Guard Officer Accused of Overlooking Defectors

  12. <Inside N.Korea>NK discloses arrests: “Blasting group to assassinate their top.” Maybe an intrigue!

  13. (Inside picture) Veterans of Korean War are taking pictures in front of the portraits of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. Taken by team Mindulle in August 2013 (ASIA PRESS)

    Elderly party members excluded from DPRK Party Conference… Increased surveillance of the population

  14. Labor camp detainees packed in a truck are heading for the work site in the early morning. Taken by Shim Ui-cheon at east Haeju city of South Hwanghae province in September 2008 (ASIAPRESS)

    Rising discontent as control reinforced to prepare the 7th Workers Party Conference in May… Forced labor to the runaways from their work places and coerced savings to banks…

  15. <Inside Report> Bad Reputation for Kim Jong-un’s wife, Ri Sol-ju, is spreading with an image of “Chick” who loves extravagance and splendor.

  16. People believe that the sanction should hit hard on Kim Jong-un and the high ranks, but inevitably it is hitting on people’s lives as well……

  17. Women are gleaning coals dropped off from a train. South Pyongan province on March 2013 ASIAPRESS

    Price is rising up due to a cornering sign of sanctions (ISHIMARU JIRO)

  18. People who were mobilized for river improvement are gleaning stones. Taken by ASIA PRESS at a local city of northern area on June 2013

    <Photo Report> People are exploited in mobilized labor (2) Recorded women’s complaining voices; “This is all free labor,” “Everything is taken by the high ranks”

  19. Some better-off people perform their tasks by hiring someone for the mobilized labor on behalf of them. It seems that the man in the picture was hired for replacing blocks of sidewalk. Seosung District in Pyongyang on August 2011. Taken by Koo Gwang-ho/ ASIAPRESS

    <Photo Report> People are exploited in mobilized for forced labor (1) Urban view

  20. [Video Report] There is no water! N.Korean People’s ‘Water War’ because of water shortage

  21. The rice shown in the above picture is imported from China. When asked about the cost, the vendors reply in Chinese currency. (Taken by Asia Press on October 2013)

    N.Korean People lament, “We’ll be done if Chinese enforce the sanctions”

  22. Women with uniforms, sanitary caps and ID-tags. These are proof of an authorized business merchant who has paid a market tax. For the Moran market, the market tax is 300- 500won a day. This is equal to 500grams(17.5 oz) of corn. (Taken by Gu Gwang-ho) (C) ASIAPRESS

    [Video Report] Back alley of Pyongyang: Never let foreigners go. Residents of central Pyongyang live on businesses in the market.

  23. Mobilized women to glean composts in Mid North Korea (Taken by Kim Dong-cheol/ mid January2015/ASIAPRESS)

    -30C, Bitter Coldness! How do the ordinary people in N.Korea survive the bitter cold? Enforced composts gleaning! Fire wood and coal saving emphasized!

  24. Complaints from the people are getting bigger as the supply of power and running water are worsening. A woman is going back home with buckets of water from the village pump in the midlands of North Korea on January 2015. (Taken by Mindulle, Asia Press)

    Voice of the ordinary N.Koreans: “Nuke test only brings hardship to people,” “No better life in Kim Jong-un’s era”

  25. [Video Report] Nominal Farm Mobilization: People Feel Squeezed

  26. The photo compellingly illustrates that Chang Song-taek and Kim Jong-un are equal. It seems that everyone in the theatre, including Kim Kyung-hee (Chang’s wife) and Choe Ryong-hae (one of top power men) is giving a big hand to Kim and Chang. (Quoted from the article of Rodong Shinmun reporting band concert for the celebration of Kim Il-sung’s birthday on April 15, 2013)

    Jang Song-thaek enraged Kim Jong-un: Reason of Purge found on Photos (part2) Jang Song-thaek was executed for the violation of the sole leadership system

  27. Chang Sung-taek is standing in a dignified manner beside Kim Jong-un who is visiting the training field of the mounted company under the direct control of the 534 troops. A number of videos or photos of the day showed that Kim Jong-un and Chang Sung-taek rode horses along with Chang’s wife Kim Kyung-hee or Kim’s sister Kim Yeo-jung. Chang could be viewed as a major figure in the sacred royal family through the footage showing “a day of horse riding by the royal family.” (Quoted from November 19, 2012 of Chosun Choongang Press)

    Jang Song-thaek’s Ambition Reflected on Photos (part1)

  28. Interview with a N.Korean “Nobody is Interested in the Nuke Test”, “Proud of Intimidation!”

  29. Mobilized people in the northern region of North Korea for river maintenance. Complaining voices of worsening living condition are getting louder from the local cities. Taken on June 2013 by Asia Press

    <Interview with a N.Korean> How do the N.Korea people think about four years of Kim Jong-un’s ruling? Acid evaluation calling him “a kid”


<Latest Report on N.Korea>Another year of emaciated soldiers in N.Korea; Young Soldiers suffering with Malnutrition (Four Photos) <Inside N.Korea> Farmers on collective farms starving to death [Video Report] North Koreans Forced To Provide Labor <Inside N.Korea> Installation of Electric Fence at Border Makes Defection and Smuggling Impossible <Photo Report on N.Korea> China Controls North Korean Economy (1) Hard To Survive If China Places Sanctions on DPRK [Video Report] ‘Doegurikun’ the urban poor who delivers grains from farms to market Chongjin, North Hamkyung Province. September, 2013  ASIAPRESS N.Korea Market Survey Reveals Basic Food Price Hike PHOTO1 N.Korea IT Report – PART1: Kids Master Emoticons and Movies with Mobile phones

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  4. <Latest Report on N.Korea>Another year of emaciated soldiers in N.Korea; Young Soldiers suffering with Malnutrition (Four Photos)
  5. <Inside N.Korea> Farmers on collective farms starving to death
  6. [Video Report] North Koreans Forced To Provide Labor
  7. <Inside N.Korea> Installation of Electric Fence at Border Makes Defection and Smuggling Impossible